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Groped by Father in Law/Boyfriends dad

MY Wedding Night with my In-Laws

Posted by LuckyKimmy on 2005-05-24 02:34:53

I married into a very sexual family. My husband was 22 and grew up in a home with 3 beautiful older sisters (23, 26, and 29) and one younger (19). I mean that I knew that my husband and his sisters were close, but I didn’t know what it meant until we were finally married. I was only 20 when we got married, and on our wedding day I was introduced to a wedding tradition that I had never heard of before.

After wedding reception, we met at his parents house for a party that only included his relatives. His family sat around while my husband was ordered by his parents to take me over his knee and lift my skirt for a spanking like a little girl. He then spanked me on my silk wedding panties in front of his relatives, until I was crying.

After this he removed my undies and threw them into the crowd for the men to try and catch like you would a garter. The difference, I found out, was that whoever caught them could not only keep them but would also merit the following things: He would have the choice of sex with any woman in the room, and could be the first to have sex with me, which was what was coming next. My 13 year old soon-to-be nephew, Jeremy, caught them and gave me a quick hungry look as he felt them in his hands. Then, he scanned the room to determine which other woman would have to have sex with him after he was done with me I guess.

Then, my new husband took me by the hand and everyone watched as he lead me to the hallway where the master bedroom was. He took me in and there was his parent’s king sized bed, which was covered in white satin sheets and a pink satin comforter with a red lips print pattern. I noticed there was lubricant and dildos on the night stand.

He kissed me and wiped the tears from my cheeks from earlier. Then he told me that a family tradition was that the men and boys would come in and enjoy me as a new member of the family, starting with Jeremy. I was also told that I could not take off my wedding dress or heels and, if one of the guys did, I was to put them back on before the next one came in and had sex with me.

I told him that I didn’t want to do it, but he told me I didn’t have a choice. I tried to hold onto his hand as he walked out of the room leaving me sitting on the bed. Then Jeremy came in and had me. All of the men did different things with me. Most emptied themselves on my legs and dress after pulling out, but the young teen boys came inside me. I have to say it was very weird to have sex with these people when I had come to know them as relatives before, and now as sex partners, especially the teen boys. Some men talked dirty to me in humiliating ways and others were quiet. Some were gentle and slow and others were rough and powerful in their sex.

Some did kinky stuff to me as well. I mean one of the 13 year old nephews wanted to role play that he was raping his dad’s new wife, and my father-in-law sodomized me after having regular sex with me which was my first time. Later that night I had to ice down, because by the end of the ordeal I had counted having sex with all 14 of the men and boys. I found out also that Jeremy chose my husbands oldest and prettiest sister Kelly (who was 29 to his 13 years and also his aunt) to have sex with later that night. She had to sit with him the rest of the night. He had his hand on her leg as she did, and he kept kissing her. She didn’t seem too thrilled but her husband thought it was a riot, and made comments out loud about being her being the kid’s sex slave as he laughed.

But, I found out before this because as he was doing me on the bed he was bragging about all of the dirty things he was going to do to her when he was finished with me. So, when all of the men had their turn with me, I came back into the living room. When I did, the family cheered and some of the girls came up to me and hugged me. Everyone welcomed me into the family. Then my husband guided me over to where my new father in law was sitting and told me to sit down on his lap. I did and he said “Welcome, baby!” Then he kissed me on the mouth. Everyone clapped. I sat on his lap for the remainder of the evening as though he were my new husband.

I watched as everyone around the room chatted. It was actually quite noisy and people were walking around and mingling. Everyone was dressed up for the wedding and looked great. I noticed the mingling wasn’t just certain age groups either. Most of the young kids were gone playing in the back rooms, however there were middle aged people talking and sitting with kids as young as 10 years old. Everyone seemed to be really engaged and many were even flirting. For example, my husband’s cousin Chloe, who was 31 was talking with Mike a 14 year old kid who had me on all fours from behind, yanking on my hair just 25 minutes earlier. Chloe was giving him lots of eye contact, laughing, and touching his arm while they were sitting on one of the couches talking. She was flirting and had on a short yet elegant dress navy blue dress. She had her legs together but turned toward him and so I imagine that he got a few glimpses up her dress (which I am sure was the idea).

I noticed others flirting too and even now and then a conversation would leave a corner or couch and would disappear down the hall to one of the bedrooms. Some people were less than discrete in their gestures as well. For example, I saw an older uncle (44) to my husband standing across the room talking to my new mother-in-law. His back was to me the entire time, and so was his 15 year old daughter’s. She was wearing a white spaghetti strap dress white a large blue butterfly print. She had her hair in braids. The entire time they were talking his hand did not leave her behind throughout their entire conversation. And it just didn’t sit there either. He softly kneaded one cheek through her dress and then would move to the other one. And she just stood there as if nothing were going on, and everyone behaved like they didn’t notice. There was also a 17 year old niece of my husband and her brother (13), who we standing in one of the corners of the dining room with their arms and lips locked for quite a while. His was actually in the corner and her back was to me as well, and even though they were not having sex, the movement of his hands underneath her skirt indicated that he was giving her more than just a panty check. No one paid any attention to them either.

One thing that really puzzled me and even made me jealous was that after my husband talked with one of his sisters for a while, my husband went to sit and talk with one of his nieces on a couch adjacent to the one we were sitting on but also across the room. She was 11 and was Kelly’s oldest kid who could now, apparently, be out with the grownups. She wore a pretty little yellow dress that was formal yet still fashionable in that it was spaghetti strapped and came mid-thigh on her slender young legs. She had long blonde hair, small ripening breasts, and a perfect face. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but he was flirting with her and she was smiling and flirting back. After some conversation, he began to touch her knee and soon they stood and walked to the hallway. His hand was on the small of her back as they disappeared down the hallway together and probably into one of the back bedrooms. Later that week when I was doing laundry, I pulled what must have been her panties from the pocket of the dress pants and her wore that night. They were a small size 4, mint green silk thong that had the word “princess” written in script on the front in an aqua blue. I didn’t even realize that they made thong panties this small, but apparently she was wearing one and it was his souvenir from their little time together.

Posted by AndiPink on 2006-12-07 13:02:57

Wow. My initiation was not that heavy! I was simply double-penetrated by my now ex husband and his father. They had made me very, very drunk on the eve of our wedding. I was tipsy and decided to suck off my husband-to-be in the lounge. His dad came in and decided to join in. At first I said no, but then gave in. I went onto all fours on the carpe, still sucking my man's $%!@. My dad in law eneterd me from behind and screwed me so hard that I gagged on my man's meat. then he gave me analingus and shoved his $%!@ right up my bum before shooting his full load all over my bum cheeks. Dripping with come, I then faced my man and straddled him as my dad in law enetered my backside again. They screwed me very hard and shot of inside me and then changed psoitons. Double penetration gave me the most awesome orgasms!

Posted by bummybare on 2009-08-09 11:03:20

Kimmy,are you still married into this family? Have you been to any more family weddings and seen these things from "other side"? This is very interesting and I'm certain many would be interested in following up happenings and thoughts. Please honor us with them.

Posted by Silkey on 2012-06-22 18:24:16

Sounds like an interesting evening. It could have been worse, you could have gotten enema's from everyone.