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Spanked staying away from home

Post by PatP

Posted by Chris721 on 2004-04-10 17:25:49

Here is the post made earlier by the poster PatP. Now tell me if this situation definately warrents the use of physical self defense at the crippling level. This aunt was totally out of her mind and she is obviously really messed up and is a deranged pervert. Had she been my aunt and had she tried that with me, I wouldve crippled her for the rest of her life.

This is the post by PatP

I have to say, like Mercedes I was only ever spaked once in my life,by my Aunt while I stayed there for a summer when my folks were away on an expedition. She may have been my mothers sister but that was where it ended.

As a 17 year old I looked on myself as an adult ,she however looked on me as a child who needed to be kept in line. So when the row finally plew up and she ended up putting me over her knee and spanking me I was a mess, kicking and screeming pleading for mercy. My make-up was all over me my little mini skirt had rise up well oiver my pantyhose and pants. I sobbed as she laid down the rules which I was to scared to break and even to this day over 15 years later she still scares the life out of me.