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Spanked staying away from home

Boarding school

Posted by espoir66 on 2007-02-11 23:12:36

I was 17 and I was sent to the country to spend one month of the summer holydays with my aunt. She was the guardian of a 18 years old nice looking young man,Rick. He was educated strictly but firmly. He was still wearing short pants at 18 and submitted to corporal punishments. Every day my aunt used to take note of all my cousin's misdeeds(or what she deemed to be a misdeed)and before going to bed,Rick had to go to the cashier. It was always the same ritual: my aunt rushed in the room, made Rick with a snap of her finger bend over the edge of the bed, yanked down his pyjamas briefs, flipped up the top over his head and started spanking him bare bottom according to he seriousness of his misdeeds.He could get up to 12 strokes of this leather strap, showing only a wince of pain. He seems to be used to such a treatement.There was nothing surprising for me because I was also routinely spanked as hard as he. Three days later,Rick and I went to the shopping mall and tried to steal one of our favourite CDs. The manager who knew my aunt and her family called her to report our theft. Back to home, my aunt ordered us to return the CD with sincere apologies and on the evening, as a punishment, we got both 12 to 15 stokes of the strap on our bare bottoms.The pain was horrible.I was squealing like a young kid, wiggling, squirming as my bottom yelped, and I felt at the same time a warmth in my rosy and red fanny. Maybe, it sounds strange, but we knew that we needed a spanking and looked forward to it secretely. Our bearing and manner,old teenage boys in the nude, semmed dejected, pensive,sorrowful, resolved, repentive but resignated, knowing that both we have already paid for our sins. It was the only time I was disciplined by another person than mum and dad.