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Spanked staying away from home

friends dad--14+

Posted by Gary S on 2007-03-11 18:23:19

I got padddled bare along with my best freind---by his dad. We had gone on a camping trip---I had known the family all my life. I did not know my best friend still got spanked but i can not say it would have shocked me that he still got it. For serious reasons his dad was really angry at us. My friend warned me--we would get our bare butts spanked--I did not really think I would get it too--but i was scared. Getting back to camp where we were really alone---he ordered us to cut s switch--I knew the rest --we handed him the switch dropped our pants and underwear -icked up our t shirt and bent over right out in the open and he paddled each of us hard. We were kind of squealing and doing spank pleas etc -- It hurt Then things went back to normal and all was fine--no more misbehavior--no more spankings

Posted by Luke12 on 2015-11-18 20:23:24

I think this was more common when I was growing up. There was a concept of in loco parentis: that is that the adult in charge at the home that you were playing or staying determined the discipline that was appropriate. After all, he was responsible for your safety and well being. Sometimes my father give his permission to another dad to take my pants down and spank my bare bottom if I misbehaved.

But besides homes and school, any adult in charge of children often took this liberty upon himself/herself. This included cub scoutmasters, intramurals coaches, band instructors, etc. You never wanted to earn the reputation of being considered the neighborhood brat! The other parents would take it upon themselves to correct it.