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Spanked staying away from home

Spanking defense

Posted by Chris721 on 2004-04-06 03:01:42

This is a method of self defense that can be used by a teenager against a spanker. It is used once the spankee is in the classical over the lap spanking position. Although a teenager should never end up in this situation, they should not allow it and should stop the spanker before they even get them into the over the lap position, nonetheless this self defense method can be useful. When youre being held over the lap about to be spanked, what you do is reach down and grab the spanker hard behind the ankle in this spot called the achilles heel or achilles tendon. A book on the human anatomy should show its precise location. Anyway the achilles tendon is a nerve center and its a vital spot sometimes used as a target in the martial arts. You grab the achilles tendon, squeeze hard, and pull the foot up. This will most likely cause the spanker to cringe and thrash in pain which can allow the teenager to take further self defense action. If the spanker happens to be sitting on a chair that is not secured to the floor, than it is possible to totally flip the spanker backwards over the chair and onto their back by pulling the foot up high enough. The teenager can then mount the spanker in the Gracie mount position. To see what the Gracie mount position looks like, look in a book on Gracie Jiu Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. After mounting the spanker in such a position the teenager can then repetedly punch the spanker in the face. Hopefully this should be a reliable spanking defense.