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Spanked staying away from home

spanked by friends mom

Posted by MASE on 2004-01-31 18:24:58

I realize that 1960 could be 1000 yrs ago as mores have changes so much. I was spanked with a switch on the bare butt over the knee by my friend's mom. It ws the only time she did it and i was shocked. First of I was 12 and out of 7th grade, and secondly it really hurt and was a long spanking. We were camping - I had been invited to accompy my friend also age 12+ and we drove the car around when the parents were gone-- a big mistake-- they found out and of course were furious. She told her son to go cut a switch and he chose quite a stinging big switch . As he gave it to her I could tell he was scared but I was surprised he immediately dropped his pants and underwear and pulled his shirt up and just went over her knee-- this was obviously some thing he knew. She paddled him and he was crying and pleading but he knew enough not to so much as move his butt off her lap. I was next and it was the same. His dad was right there and I would have rather have him do it-- but she did it. Things returned to normal real soon and they wer laughing and talking so I knew a paddling on the bare butt was not a 'trauma' in their family. I was kind of a big guy for just going into 8th grade-- so I was somewhat embarrassed to have to go over her knee and have her see and spank my bare butt. I will say however, I still got spanked at home-- not often but sometimes. The rest of the time was really fun.

Posted by sotk on 2008-11-29 22:07:26

when I was in the 8th grade I spent the night at a friends house and was bare butt over the knee spanked by his mother. Father had died several years earlier. We were caught experimenting in his bed and he conviced me to let him put his $%!@ in my mouth which was when we got caught so it was all my fault. I had a choice tell my parents or spanking. We both got and corner time facing each other with or $%!@ touching. The most humiliating part was getting aroused from it. I recieved an additional spanking before I left the next day, she said it was a reminder.