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Spanked staying away from home

my grandma's experiences

Posted by crippy on 2010-08-16 12:03:13

OK this one's a bit different to mist peoples, but I think comes under the same catagory. First off, it wasn't me, but my grandmother getting spanked. She lived in England during the war, and was evacuated. Basically what happened was when the Germans started bombing London and other big cities, loads of kids were sent to stay in the country so they'd be out of the firing zone. They just stayed with the local people. My grandmother (she was 13, and stayed there till she was 16) went to stay with a woman in a tiny village near Oxford, and on her first day there the woman gave her a spanking with a hairbrush to make sure she behaved. During the war she got spanked a lot by this woman, and by various other people, always bare, often in front of others, with a hairbrush and sometimes a belt. Overall though she felt her time there was happy, she'd much rather have been there than back in London. She kept in touch with the people in the village for many years after the war, and has fond memories of it, despite the fact she got punished like that.