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Spanked staying away from home

Nude spanking by Nuns at sunday school (real story)

Posted by greens33 on 2008-02-03 01:21:10

Last year, I was 14 and was at Sunday school, which I hated. My mom was good friends with this one lady who went there for years. I was misbehaving and I was being really immature, but when I thing about it now I feel ashamed. I was in a small class of like 5 people and I was not paying attention and I made sure the teacher knew that. I started drumming with my hands and the teacher ignored it until I started humming a bit. She politely asked me to stop, I said make me. She told me to obey for command for the good lord. Thats when I said something I still regret today. I told her that I am God, and I say its OK and told her to go to hell. She almost RAN out the door, I thought she was crying, thats when I got a little worried. She returned looking vary vary upset and behind her was a nun, I think it was mother Megan, and way she yanked me by my collar and took me to the day care room, which was empty of all kids. She put me in their and told me she had a chat with my mom about what I said. I kinda Knew Mother Megan but not to much, she knew my mom pretty good. In the room there was a trunk of toys and in the back were some cots with sleeping bags on them for nap time for the little kids. she told me to take off my clothes, which I refused, if i was going to be spanked then I was only going to pull my shorts down to my knees, i thought it was going to be funny and not hurt at all.......wrong. She told me if I don't listen she would get my mom, and i hate it when any member of my family sees me naked, even a little, she stood there was i pulled my collar shirt, tee shirt, then shoes (i did not have any socks on either) and then i slipped my pants down then boxers, on the cot face up and she could see me naked and she turned me over and left the room for a little, i was getting worried and was embarised that she just saw me naked. I rolled on my stomach and then she came back in the room with a bottle and a thick black belt, i can still feel this, she then opened the bottle and had baby oil it in, she said, this is how my kids get it, she rubbed A LOT of baby oil on my bare naked butt and i could feel it going down my legs. She spread my legs and and told me i was getting 40 lashes and then another 15 by another nun who was suposidly offended by what i said. She brought the belt down on my bare bottom and I let out a loud OUCH I began to cry and they kept coming and coming, i felt my bare butt get red hot and when it finally ended another nun walked in, they talked about what i did, she told me to stand up, still naked, and bend over the table for 10 swats with a wooden paddle, it hurt so bad. After they told me why is was wrong to of said what i said, not like i cared. Since we were in a daycare room, there were baby wipes and she wiped me off and left, i got dressed and went to the car, my mom was so $%!@ed off, i never told her how they spanked me, but i think they told her.

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