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Has anyone been forced to undress during a crime?

My story - stripped in a bank robbery

Posted by ryanm28 on 2010-10-21 13:30:15

I worked in an estate agency when this happened, Quite often people would bring in cheques to pay their fees and these were sometimes pretty big cheques. As such we took them to the bank as soon as we could. This particular day a client of mine brought in a cheque so when it came round to the end of the day I said I’d take it round to the bank. The bank was about 5 minutes away and it was a nice day so I walked down the high street and into the bank. There was a small queue so I stood in line waiting for a teller to be free. There were just 2 women on the counter and then an older couple and another guy in the queue in front of me.

All of a sudden all hell broke loose. 2 guys burst in through the front door and a guy appeared behind the counter. All of them were shouting and pointing guns in the air “ get down, get the fu(k down” they shouted. I don’t mind admitting I was scared sh!tless. Everyone got down and the guy behind the counter opened a connecting door so the other robbers could get through to the back of the bank. One guy stayed in the lobby with us. The two tellers were forced to get cash out of the tills and hand it over. Another woman appeared from the back office being dragged along by one of the robbers, I guess she was the manager. One of the robbers hit one of the female staff in the face with his fist and then dragged her through to the lobby by her hair. Now to this day I don’t know what made me do it but I couldn’t stay quiet, maybe that’s what made me a good estate agent! I looked at the robber that had just dragged the girl in and said “Come on guys, there’s no need for that, just take the money and go” As soon as I said it I regretted it. Although the robbers all had masks on I could see he was $%!@ed with me. “Who the fu(k do you think you are” “hey we got ourselves a pretty boy hero here, standing up for the ladies!” One of the other robbers came into the lobby with some bags, looked at me and said “get up pretty boy” I stood up trying to avoid looking at him directly “So you think you’re a fu(king hero do you, well lets see what you’re made of” he pointed his gun straight at me and said “STRIP”, my blood ran cold, I couldn’t believe what he’d just said “ I said STRIP or I shoot you” Now I’m not embarrassed about my body, I’m 25 and have a good body, I don’t work out but I do swim and jog and I like to think I’m pretty good looking but the thought of having to strip in the middle of a bank with all these other people was terrifying. The robber took a step towards me “alright” I said “I’ll do it” My hands were trembling as I reached down to slip off my shoes, then I took off my socks. As I did I could feel the cold marble floor beneath my feet and felt sick with what I was about to do. I fumbled with my tie, trying to delay things in the hope they would run off with the money and leave me alone but the robber pointing the gun shouted ”Get your clothes off now” I slipped my tie over my head and started to undo my belt buckle and slide it of. In the few seconds that had passed I’d decided to take my pants off first as this might mean they just leave me in my shirt and I’d be more covered. I undid my trousers, unzipped the fly and lowered my suit trousers revealing my underwear. It was at this point that I remembered I was wearing white Ben Sherman briefs with and a red elasticated band running around the top. I suddenly became very aware of all the people in the bank watching me. Once I’d removed my trousers and dropped them on the floor I had no option but to undo the first couple of buttons on my shirt and slip it off over my head leaving me standing in the middle of the bank in nothing but a pair of white briefs. I dropped my hands to cover my crotch praying that they would go now. The other robber walked into the lobby with another 2 bags and looked at me. “What the fu(k is going on here”, he looked at the robber that was pointing the gun at me “God damn it do you have to make people strip!”, “Come on we gotta go now”. My heart was beating right out of my chest, whilst he was talking I suddenly started to think about the situation I was in and the feeling of utter humiliation. To my total horror I realised that I was starting to get aroused. I kept my hands over my crotch and just wished that they would leave. The robber with the gun walked up to me, patted me on the butt and said “Get them off pretty boy” I just couldn’t believe it but I knew I had no option. Keeping one hand covering my crotch I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my briefs and slowly slid them down my legs until they were at my ankles before stepping out of them. I knew the people behind me could now see my naked arse but I had to keep both hands over my crotch to try and hide my growing erection. “Not bad, not bad at all” said the robber with the gun.
The robbers turned around and picked up the bags and all I could think was please god leave, I knew that as soon as they were out of the door I could put on my clothes and my shame and humiliation would be over. Then the robber that had made me strip turned around to me and said “Come on pretty boy, time to get some fresh air and show off that body of yours” I didn’t know what he meant and just stood there, rooted to the spot and buck naked. The other robber turned to him and said “what the fu(k are you doing”. “Look” he said “who’s going to be looking at us when there’s a naked guy in the street”, “Fair point” said the other robber and he pointed his gun at me and said “Come on naked dude, put your hands on your head and walk in front of me. The bottom fell out of my world “Please, please don’t make me do this” I said and I don’t mind admitting that I started to cry. In the space of 3 minutes I’d gone from being just an ordinary guy standing in a queue at the bank to being stark naked in front of clothed people, strangers I didn’t know and now I was about to be dragged naked into the street with every inch of my naked body on display. The robber just looked at me and said “Now” I slowly raised my hands to my head exposing my semi hard erection, I sucked in my gut and took a step forward. The robber that had forced me to strip walked behind me, put the gun into my back and pushed me forwards towards the door. As I stepped out into the street, totally naked, the warm sun hit my body and my d!ck was at full mast. I could see people stop and stare at me, someone screamed but most of the people in the street stepped back and just stared at me. There must have been about 40 people that were suddenly confronted with the site of me standing in the street stark naked, exposing the most intimate parts of my body for everyone to see and weeping. I dropped my hands to try and cover myself again, to try and retain some shred of dignity but the robber with the gun in my back shouted “Put your fu(king hands on your head and move” He pushed me forwards towards a van that was parked on the pedestrian precinct. As we got to the van the back doors opened and I was pushed inside. I must have been in the street naked for less that 30 seconds but it felt like a lifetime. The other robbers jumped inside and we took off at beak neck speed.
I lay shivering and curled up naked in the corner of the van wondering if they were just going to kill me. “Brilliant!” said one of the robbers “What are we going to do with the naked dude now”. The robber that had forced me to strip looked over at me and said “We’ll just dump him somewhere”. At this I spoke and said through my tears “Please don’t dump me in the middle of nowhere naked, anything could happen” The robber turned and spoke to the van driver but I couldn’t hear what he said, all I knew was that they both started laughing. I curled up trying to cover as much of my body as possible not knowing what was about to happen. I lay there for about 10 minutes before the van driver shouted back “I think this will do” and started to slow down. I tried to mentally prepare myself for being dumped somewhere naked. I’d been trying to think of how I could find some clothes or how I could ring the police or, god forbid, how I was going to build up the nerve to walk up to a total strangers house totally naked and ask for help. The driver threw a rucksack into the back of the van and one of the robbers opened it. He pulled out a pair of jeans and some overalls. I sat up a bit praying that they were going to dump me with some clothes. I didn’t care about shoes or even a shirt if I could just get some pants on. The robber looked at me and even though he was still wearing his mask I swear I could see him smirk. “No way nude dude, these aren’t for you” He took out a carrier bag from the rucksack and checked it’s contents. The van stopped and the van driver got out and came round to the back of the van. I was trying to work out where I might be. I could hear passing traffic so I knew it wasn’t the middle of nowhere. The van doors opened and I could see that we were parked in a layby next to a slip road onto the motorway. It was about 5pm now and there was a lot of traffic passing. My heart was racing again and all I could think of was how I could hide myself when they threw me out of the van, how quickly could I get help and, oh god, how many people were about to see me naked. 2 of the robbers picked me up under the arms and dragged me out of the van. I expected them to throw me out but they dragged me out and started to walk with me. “What are you doing” I said “Please let me go”. “No can do nude dude, we can’t have you running off to tell the police where were heading” said one of the robbers. “Please, please I promise I won’t tell anyone anything, I swear” I was in total panic now, people driving past the layby were honking their horns and waving, I couldn’t believe that no-one was stopping to help me. The robbers dragged me to the end of the layby where there was a large road sign. One of the robbers opened the bag and took out a pile of cable ties and some gaffa tape. “Oh god no” I pleaded as I realised what they were about to do. They forced my arms up and cable tied my arms to opposite supports on the sign meaning that I was spread eagled and totally unable to cover any part of my body from passing traffic. They tied me facing the oncoming traffic. “Please don’t” I was crying uncontrollably now realising the total and utter humiliation I was about to be put through. The robbers just laughed and then one of them used the gaffa tape to tape a L plate from the van to my chest. The robber that had forced me to strip in the bank walked around me and then gently patted my butt before leaning forward and whispering into my ear “This has been fun” With that they put a piece of gaffa tape across my mouth and they all walked away leaving me tied to the road sign and displaying every square inch of my naked body to the hundreds of people that were driving past.
It was about 25 minutes before a police car pulled into the layby. The 2 officers got out and walked over to me with a large blanket. Apparently a passing motorist had reported that a man on his stag do had been tied to a post naked. The L plate on my chest meant that people thought it was all just a prank. I can only imagine how many people saw me naked that day. Some of the people passing even slowed down and took photos. 2 girls in a car actually pulled into the layby and took their pictures next to me. I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I had to move towns after this had happened and I’m yet to find a new job, it’s been 2 years. But the robbers were right, although there were people in the street outside the bank, no-one could tell the police anything about the robbers or even the number plate on the van as they had all been looking at the naked man being dragged along. They have never been caught.

Posted by Jmill on 2010-10-21 18:19:59

Sorry to hear about the humilation in yours.

How did the other people in the bank react while you were undressing? Was there any threat to make anyone else undress? What the scariest part for you? When you were tied up naked and the people took teh photo, did you try to signel to them? Did you tell any friends or family about this?

Posted by slimmate on 2010-10-22 04:25:50

Dear Ryan,

Are you still traumatised with the memory, after two years? Still visit that bank? If you were given another chance, would you choose not to argue with the robber at the first place? How about other victims in the bank? Didn't they provide any information to the police?

Posted by ryanm28 on 2010-10-22 10:26:18

Hi, All the other people in the bank were looking at me whilst I was forced to strip. Although they had to lie on the floor I could see that they were looking towards me. I couldn't see the older couple as they were behind me. The worst bit was that the guy who'd been in the queue was about the same age as me and he was staring straight at me. I kept making eye contact with him, hoping that maybe he would stand up for me but maybe the thought of him having to strip naked as well was keeping him quiet. There was never any threat to make anyone else strip. I thought the scariest part was being made to strip naked in front of the strangers in the bank until the robber told me I was going outside. That was the most terrifying and humilliating part of the whole thing. As they pushed me out into the street and my feet hit the cold stone paving and the warm sun hit my body. As they pushed me towards the bank doors I could see my naked reflection in them as they were plate glass. At that point it really hit me. The 2 girls that took the pictures were only about 18 and they were laughing and joking. I must have looked a complete sight as I had been crying for so long. I tried to signal to them and talk through the tape but they just thought it was a prank so they took it in turns to have their picture with me and laughed. Both girls touched my body and squeezed my butt but didn't play with my Pen!s. To be honest by that point I think I had almost given up the will to live as so many people had seen me naked. I just felt like it was never going to end. I still find it hard to talk about it even after all this time in fact I've become a bit obsessed with finding other stories of people forced to strip and that's how I ended up here on the posting. I don't visit the bank anymore as I live many miles away in a different part of the UK. I often think back and wonder what would have happened if I hadn't spoken but I always remember one of the robbers saying "why do you have to make people strip". This makes me think that one of us would have been made to strip anyway or if I hadn't spoken up maybe they would have made evenryone strip. I'll never know, all I have to do is try to forget about the whole thing and move on but trying to forget the memories of being stripped naked and publically humiliated is hard. I keep expecting to suddenly find pictures of me on the internet and I'm always trawling the web looking. The other people in the bank could give very little information on the robbers as they were wearing masks and I think every pair of eyes was watching me instead of looking at the robbers. You have to remember that it only took about 4 minutes for the robbery and in that time I'd been forced to strip naked and then walk out of the bank with my hands on my head. I know I'd have been watching the poor sod that had been forced to strip and not making visual notes about the robbers.

Posted by DrewNE on 2010-10-23 00:43:32

What type of expression was the other guy giving you as yuo looked at him while you stripped? As someone who was forced to walk outside in my underwear but at night, I know a bit of the feeling. What was teh weather like while you were outside? What did the police say when you told them the story? What did you say to your friends and family on why you moved? How much do you wish they made everyone strip?