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up skirts

bf looking up skirt how to stop him

Posted by pooper girl on 2004-05-20 21:21:23

my bf looks up my skirt every day what can i do stop him

Posted by disgusted on 2004-12-02 03:58:30

Cut his balls off. I'm sure he will loose interest.

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-09 18:08:15

A feminized man is the best option available to girls today. try feminizeng him down some, they are usually much better behaved and lots of them really love it. You don't have to cut anything off. Just get him started on some panties, maybe a nightie or paying attention and playing with his hair. Most guys who try panties love them and don't go back. I have completly feminized my husband and sons and it is great. They now wear the skirt and dresses too, and yes my husband has had guys try to look up his skirt, but only because they thought he was a girl. I have helped others feminize their males and am currently helping a friend set up her 3 sons and her husband will follow. Many men and boys love it. Note not GAY guys, leave them alone, I am talking about straight guys or young boys. They usually love it but it sometimes takes a plan and some convincing. My guys look great and we all love it.

Posted by andy_munro1987 on 2006-09-14 12:41:47

if i was you i would make him up as a girl with skirt and bra, then spank him, humiliate him by bringing your female friends over and let them spank him in the girls clothes you put on him.

Posted by sandraw on 2006-10-29 04:36:41

The very best thing to do is to let him look up you skirt all he wants, with no underware on