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Are black women superior to white women?.

No Way, Duds. White women are STRONG!

Posted by Nick1234 on 2004-12-01 09:16:40

The strongest women in the world are White. Look at Becca Swanson and Cheryl Haworth for just two examples. Becca is the strongest female powerlifter in recorded history. Cheryl is the best heavyweight female weightlifter in the United States. She's an olympic medalist too. Fantasies are one thing. Reality speaks for itself.

Posted by bratsdoll on 2006-07-16 01:41:55

^ Uhm... the women you just mentioned look like men.

These are the women you're talking about right: Becca Swanson http://users.pandora.be/tom.goegebuer/images/Qatar05/Sheryl%20Haworth.jpg

Cheryl Haworth http://www.houseofpainironwear.com/images/makemefamous/swanson/becca-swanson-2.jpg

Were white women ever taken away from their continent to be slaves for anyone? Did white women have their fetuses' torn from their bellies for no apparent reason? Did white women get whipped occasionallly for no apparent reason? Did white women have people burn cross signs on their front lawns for being white? Did white women ever go through the trails and tribulations of watching their men, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and cousins get beaten and killed for no apparent reason? Did white women ever receive harsh treatment like black women have throughout history and time?

Black women have always had it tougher than white women, and they still come out strong and self-determined. All of this and history proves black women are strongest.