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Are black women superior to white women?.

black woman superior than white woman

Posted by ebonylover on 2004-08-19 17:42:42

There is no contest who is more superior the black woman rules hands down, they are more loving, caring and more down to earth then the white woman have ever thought about being, and sexually lets face it guys, the black woman is just more pleasing to their mates.. I'll never go back to a white woman, all the brothers can have them..Plus the black woman can just kick $%!@ if she has too...

Posted by 65Mustang on 2004-12-28 10:33:33

First of all, white women, nor black women is superior, in ANY respect, physically or emotionally. Each is respectable in their own way. I will say black women have huge egos and attitudes. Just because of black history, black men and women think the world owes everything to them due to the suffrage they inccured. In reality, more racial groups than just blacks have had to inccur damage. Black women really need to lose the attitude that they're better than white women though -- it's really petty.

Posted by bratsdoll on 2006-07-25 06:48:48

^ Uh... I don't know where you've been living, maybe under a ROCK, because truth be told, white people's egos are MUCH bigger than any other ethnic groups'. Esp. white women. Most white women, esp. the blonde ones, believe that just because they're white and a woman, that they should get the guy they want or anything they want for that matter - it's true.

A lot of white people think that just because they have blonde hair or blue eyes that that automatically makes them better than everyone on the earth.

Sounds like you don't watch too much television... White people are always portraying themselves in a positive light and they portray other groups (black, asian, and latino) in a negative one.

Some of what I just said may be considered stereotypes or opinions to you...

But it's personal experiences i've had with white people.