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Are black women superior to white women?.

Awesome Black Women

Posted by tinytimmy on 2004-08-24 18:54:35

i'm a 36 y/o little whiteboy (5-2, 108lbs) who is infatuated and yet completely frightened by Strong Black Women. To me, Black Women are, in every way, the Alpha Female. From their sense of style, spiritual strength and incredible bodies, Black Women are the embodiment of dominant female power. Whereas whites are feminine and girlish, Blacks are womanly, and extraordinarily so. As great as Black women are, i find them intellectually, sexually and physically intimidating. On a number of occassions, Black Women have been the source of great humiliation in my life. In one instance, in a club, a Black Woman brutalized me so viciously, in front of my petrified girlfriend (white) that I needed to be hospitalized for nearly a week. Her body was like steel. It was an emasculating experience. My girlfriend likend me to a "rag doll" and "child" referring to the overwhelming manner that that Black Woman beat me. Physically, Black Women exude power, unlike any other race of female. With column-like thighs, a natural musculature and strong jaw line combined with an aggressive nature the superiority of Black Women over white girls is almost embarrassing. To talk further my email is theduds_99@yahoo.com

Posted by 65Mustang on 2004-12-28 10:38:33

A black woman the Alpha female? Um, no...

I am a black woman, and I believe white women can be just as strong if not stronger than black women, when it comes to bodily strength and mind.

Posted by bratsdoll on 2006-07-17 00:43:12

^ It is physically possible for white women to be stronger than black women. However; in todays world the average black women is stronger than the average white woman.

Posted by Life_Voyeur on 2006-12-07 18:57:59

65Mustang id love to be your white boy play thing my email is Life_Voyeur@hotmail.co.uk

Posted by Froggy96 on 2016-06-27 07:09:28

I agree white women are no match my partner was a lot bigger than this black lady but got so humiliated by her in a fight to the point she had her kissing her feet in front of so many people i hid of embarresment i asked her how could she do it she just wanted the flogging to stop now if we see her when were out shes that scared she becomes her bitch