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sissy boys

they are preferred

Posted by jass2 on 2005-01-25 15:59:20

I too love to be a feminate male and my wife and I are both having our son dress as a girl and he too seems to be enjoying it very much.

Posted by morrie on 2005-01-31 20:10:39

I made a sissy out of my husband and we both now enjoy it very much. He looks great as a women and now would never go back to his man's stuff.

Posted by melissamy on 2005-05-14 03:31:27

I am a feminate man who loves to get dressed up with my wife, She found out that I liked to dress up as a girl when I was a kid from my mother. she insisted that i let her do my hair and wear panties and nightgowns to bed, now I have been wearing even more female items along with her and it is great. She loves it when I am dressed up with full makeup and accessories and I enjoy being her sissy/guy.

Posted by a12e3@yahoo.com on 2006-11-26 14:23:17

Dude! Learn to spell. There'sno such word as 'feminate'.

Posted by msdana on 2011-05-31 17:22:19

as a dr's assistant , i have experience with feminization of boys & men as my 2 boys are totally feminized and go to new private school as girls . have you considered orally ingested male hormone blockers for your 11 & 12 yr old boys ? they do wonders when coupled with female hormones want more info. lets chat