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sissy boys

they are preferred

Posted by pennysue on 2004-12-09 18:10:45

Feminized men and boys make the best companions. I have completely feminized my 3 sons and husband and we all love it. Many men love being feminized by females and it gives them many advantages. try it.

Posted by PrincessSerenity on 2004-12-31 04:50:17

do you have any suggestion on how a teen could feminize himself? thanx

Posted by enrony on 2005-01-01 06:26:06

I am a feminized boy 15 who lives as a girl. I love it and my mom taught me to be this way and it is the best thing that I have ever done. I would never want to go back to boy.

Posted by enrony on 2005-01-01 06:40:40

Veggetto I hope you could be successful in starting to feminze yourself. If you have a female friend, or close sister it may be better if you could confide in her, it does not have to be a girlfriend, just a friend would be helpfull for encouragement. I hope that you are not gay and just want to be feminate, not just one of the girls because you like guys, That is not what I consider right. You can start by yourself, let your hair grow and have it styled cut, get a manicure, start wearing panties(If your concerned just buy some plain white womens briefs, microfiber or nylon are best) If possible sleep in silk of soft nightgown. Get out and mix with people and make new friends. Try buying some girls jeans or slacks, nothing to elaborate at first, just start. Get a facial, trim up your eyebrows, start wearing pantyhose under your cloths. Just get started now, if you do not you will probably regret it later. Really minor steps, most people won't even notice or give you concern about it. If your hair is a little longer get both ears pierced and go for it. The more you get started on the easier it will be you. Please if you want to do it, just get started now. Thanks and I hope this helps

Posted by pennysue on 2005-01-05 18:34:54

Veggto You should indeed try to feminize yourself if you would like, first of all do not worry about what others think, You are doing it for you not them. Go about it slowly but with a plan. start with a new hair style or let yours start growing out to let you to be able to experiment with girls longer styles. Get girls clothing as much as you can, start with underwear, maybe girls jeans and such. If you have a girlfriend, hint to her about your feelings some, she may just like the idea and surprise you. If no girlfriend, maybe just a female friend could help you. Get both ears pierced and wear girls earings, no one will care, a lot of guys do. If you are close to your mother confide in her, she may be supportive. Color your hair, wear girls more neutral looking sweaters, jackets, tops. But you got to get started or you will probably regret it. Once you get started you will probably continue and it should work out just fine. I hope you want to be feminite because you like girls items and like girls not guys. If you are gay, forget about it, you already have too many problems. Their are many females out there who will be supportive of you and many who would like to feminize guys, just be patient and see what happens. Good Luck and God Bless. I hope you the best but please get started now, it will be the greatest thing you ever do, but you have to take the first step and start now. You will not regret it.