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Is Genetic Engineering Safe?

Jurassic Corn

Posted by The dreamer on 2005-05-26 03:11:10

Im scared, what if the Genetically Modified corn starts turning into Velociraptors, and then they eat us all? I mean, they would eat us all, wouldnt they? I mean, theres no way those monsters can be stopped. I think we should stop eating completely, its just too dangerous. And we should stop evolution too, it created the velociraptors, who knows what else evolution creates next, like diseases, or mosquitoes, or a species that starts cutting away the rainforests, because a fifth of the population lives in luxury, and the rest live with a dollar a day. A race that rather uses billions of dollars to bomb itself, rather than use that money to stop the deforestation, and pollution, and war and hunger and lethal diseases that can be prevented with an antidote costing less than 2 dollars a shot. Yeah, I think its more important to spend ones time to worry about racial purity of corn and trees than the little things. Of course scientific research and testing needs to be controlled better, and not let companies run wild, but I see no reason to stop using a new technology, if it has the possibility of feeding millions of people, or stopping the spread of diseases by mosquitoes. And yes, I ve seen the movie Jurassic Park, and I spent the first half of the movie thinking about the chaos theory, and the last part of the movie complaining about how the animals whose intelligence was between a lizard and a bird could be so smart.