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Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength

I Can't Win

Posted by i. c. wiener on 2004-11-06 06:38:39

There is one girl that I have known since i was ten and she was one year older then me. Ever since we have been competing with each other and she has always beaten me in arm wrestling and wrestling and now I am 16 and she is 17 and she still beats me. Having said that, she is a really buff chick. She beats me easily at arm wrestling because she has large 17 inch biceps. I have gone to the gym with her and seen that she can bench press 280 pounds, 100 pounds more then I can. When we wrestle it is usually closer, but in the end she usually ends up beating me by wearing me out or actually picking me up and slamming me. I am stronger then all the other girls and lots of guys too, but this one girl can beat me easily. Should I be embarrassed because this girl can beat me, or should I not care?

Posted by MuscleGirlBrat on 2004-11-21 22:53:30

You should be embarrassed for losing. I bet this girl has a good laugh at how weak you are. You're a wimp.

Posted by B-36 on 2005-10-27 02:26:41

What are your respective heights and weights?

Posted by will_kick ur_ass on 2005-11-01 15:49:55

muscle brat your weak too i would kick ur $%!@ biaaaaaaaaaaaaaach

Posted by Erik Gutt on 2006-01-07 01:15:40

Pat ... you say "I am stronger then all the other girls and lots of guys too" ... then you must do pretty good ! And you should accept that one girl are stronger than you. No big deal. Many girls have beaten me at both armwrestling and wrestling, and I can live with that ...