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Potty Training

Potty jukebox - bowels

Posted by SUZI_F on 2008-10-30 17:29:57

List of songs that could be associated with potty training an un-cooperative child - and with the constipation that results:

  1. Doin' the Doo - Betty Boo (obvious)/ 2. Do Baby Do (Burnette Brothers)/3. Hasta Mana (Abba) - sounds like it could be about constipation just because of that long pause after the words "I can't do"/ 3. Big Jumps (Emiliana Torrini) - sounds lavatorial when she alters the last chorus to "go on, do some big jumps", as if the last word were a combination of "big lumps" and "big jobbies"/ 4. Piggy In The Middle (Rutles) - it's nursery-rhyme-based and the chorus ends with the words "do a pooh pooh"/ 5. Thoughtforms (Lush) - just because of the scat vocal (!) bit which goes "do-a-loo, a doo-doo" / 6. Do-Do-A-Doo-Doo by Robert Plant - the title is enough / 7. Mr Green Genes (Frank Zappa) - very lavatorial sounding because of the bit that goes "eat a grape, a fig...you'll pump 'em right through, dooey-doo"/ 8. The Patriot's Dream (Gordon Lightfoot) - sounds lavatorial because of his accent, the chorus in the quiet bit sounds like "he tried to do a dooey"/ 9. Old Brown Shoe (the Beatles) - the "scat singing" (!) at the end sounds like a kid crying having a suppository put in, and the mother scolding him for witholding excrement ("r-OW!! Do that doo!") / 10. I Need It (Johnny Guitar Watson) - just because in one of the choruses he ad-libs "I need it...pooh-pooh-la-la!"/ 11. Caca Boom (Ian Dury) - if the title/chorus isn't enough, it ends with "go toilet, quick quick quick"/ 12. Look At The Animals (Jethro Tull) - every animal in the lyric seems to be doing a doodoo/ 13. Broken Hearts Are For $%!@ (Frank Zappa) - forget most of the lyrics, the last part can sound like a parent threatening a kid with a suppository or enema/ 14. I'll Do Ya (Whale) - forget the verses, just the chorus sounds like a mother threatening a kid with a suppository because s/he spent too long on the potty without actually doing/ 15. The Ilinois Enema Bandit (Frank Zappa) - again, omit most of the lyrics and it can be a song to threaten your kids when they're holding back on the potty/ 16. All Your Sisters (Mazzy Star) - again, the chorus sounds like a mother threatening a constipated child with a suppository: "I'm gonna put something in you."/ 17. Lost In Myself (Breath Of Life) - again scat-vocals in more ways than one, when the "who's doing this?" chorus turns into "dooey-doo-dooey"/ 18. Smear by Linoleum - another song you can modify by threatening a child with a suppository, changing the chorus to "smelly you! I'll put some vaseline on your bottom..." phonetically it's almost the same/ 19. Aloyisius (Cocteau Twins) - the chorus sounds like it contains the words "suppository" and "pooh"/ 20. Come On Michael (Labi Sifre) - never mind the name, the chorus goes "push a little harder, try a little more, get your feet on the floor". Lavatorial or what?/ 21. Theusz Hamtahk (Magma) - when the chorus starts chanting the title over and over again, it sounds like someone potty training a duck - it sounds like they're saying "do some, duck, do some duck-doos!"/ 22. A Little Bit Of Soap (Showaddywaddy) - omit most of the lyrics and it could be a song about a homemade suppository/ 23+ anything by DoKaka (the Japanese beatboxer, not the laxative!) - also all the other songs with "doo-doo"/"dooey" vocals: certain items by Danielle Dax and Simon & Garfunkel spring to mind. (note: the Dax song obviously made an impression on someone at mothering.com: "the baby has a shooey-dooey diaper")
Posted by dirtgirl on 2019-05-23 11:09:23

One to add to the list which I'd forgotten about - a Pat O'Malley song from the 1930s, How Do You Do Honolulu (the title sounds like a parental enquiry into bowel movements: "on a loo-loo"!)

Posted by dirtgirl on 2019-12-11 15:33:06

Looking again at that Potty Training Jukebox list - songs which in some way sound excremental / "suppositorial - I've noticed there are some major omissions

I was born in the '70s - and my mother always used to take a handheld radio into the bathroom - so,,, There are songs which, for that reason, I associate in my mind with suppository insertion (taking place in the bathrooms of the house we lived in from 1977-80). These include Abba's "Money Money Money" (in that context, the proximity of the words "do" and "little" are unfortunate), Leo Sayer's "When I Need You" (you figure it out), Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights" (at that age, I interpreted her high-notes as cries of pain) and...Paul McCartney's "Mull of Kintyre" - the first time I remember noticing that song (which, like everybody else, I heard as "Mulligan Tyres") was hearing it on the radio when I'd just been put in the bath after doing a big loppy dooey in my nappy-pants...about ten minutes after being subjected to an especially horrific pursuit, capture, restraining and "doing" - with a jelly-bomber suppository, in the same bathroom.

Something I'd forgotten about: There's a Frank Zappa album which has a set of cartoons / photo-montages about the danger of "THE JELLY!" - not an explicit reference, but maybe an unconscious reference, to gelatinous glycerin suppositories (he'd been to Europe by this time, after all). Admittedly in the cartoon of panic-stricken people being pursued by "THE JELLY!" it appears to be a car. But in some related illustrations "THE JELLY!" takes the shape of a "doll's foot" - and there is a cartoon in which a giraffe, having been distracted with the aid of a radio (playing Captain Beefheart - when does he ever get played on the radio?) is approached from behind, by an apparently live JELLY in its doll's foot shape, which subjects the giraffe to "A BIG SURPRISE": an obviously-painful $%!@ penetration.