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why are we fascinated by spanking?

Why are we fascinated

Posted by Joe Kokomo on 2006-07-19 21:26:27

Because a fetish is caused by a fear or uncomfortability while a child. Sexual arousal to a fetish starts at pueberty. Because most people are scared of getting a spanking while a child it is a common fetish.

Posted by Gary S on 2007-03-01 01:14:09

we are fascinated

When a topic of getting spanked came up in our dorm (guys only) everyone really listened up--It provoked more interest than other conversation. I think maybe there is something sensual about being the guy who has to bare his butt and and either bend over or lie across anothers knee the one doing thec spanking has the power and remains clothed--whether its mom/dad/ coach whomever. Or the same is true of seeing another guy get it--ie baring his butt like a brother--team mate frat bro---- There is something quirky not about just seeing another guys butt--but seeing him bare for a spanking--It was more true for me if the one getting it was stronger larger etc than the spanker--asc was ctrue with older bro--older team mate etc

Posted by Gary S on 2007-03-18 23:42:46

something about a bare butt!

It may sound gross--but there is something kind of weird about seeing another guy have to bare his butt bend over and endure the humiliation of having an authority figure spank butt. Its part humiliation but erotic---It is not erotic to see another guys bare butt but seeing it bent and spanked is different than just seeing a guy naked--a butt is not a good looking part of a male yet it has something fascinating about it. i am not a sadist but I liked to see an older kind of egotistical guy get a spankng in the locker room

Posted by PiRocks777 on 2007-07-01 22:04:22

yeowch i don't like spankings that much they hurt a lot but afterwards i get this weird feeling in myself that i ENJOYED it instead of HATED it...is that what you mean by "fetish?" cuz sometimes i look forward to a spanking...is it more or am i getting gross or something?

Posted by Mitt on 2007-11-30 19:54:31

I used to look for reason to spank my oldest son, teenager. It was a chance to make him undress in front of me and during the spanking he would get the hardest boner ever. Even after an hour of corner time he was still fully hard. Then I would send him to is room and have his little brother watch him. I said if you see your brother touch his boner call me and he will get another spanking. I knew he really wanted to $%!@.