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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

stripped, tied and spanked by a girl

Posted by CuriousMe on 2004-01-30 21:06:01

When I was 13 my 15-year old sister & some of her friends had an overnight pajama party at our house when our parents were away for the night... The closet in each of our rooms had a common wall -- which I had previously put a peep-hole in -- and I was secretly spying on them & playing with myself. Somehow, they realized I was watching & came bursting into my room; stripped me naked & tied me atop my bed spread-eagled; then each took turns jacking me off... It was mean & awful, yet wildly wonderful. I still get excited thinking about it...

========== In Reply To ========== i'm 13 year old boy and last month a girl from my street came over to my house. we played a game and whoever lost had to be the winners slave.

the girl won so she stripped me naked, put me over her lap and spanked my bottom for 10 minutes! when she stopped i was crying and sobbing. when she dressed me up as a baby and put a nappy on me and made me call her "mummy"

then she dressed me up as a girl in a cheerleader outfit. after that she stripped me naked again and tied me up. and left me for an hour.

when she came back she beat me up. after she beat me up she untied me and led me up to my room and put me on my bed to cry. then she left.

that happened a month ago. i was so humilated. i couldn't stop crying after she beat me up.

if you have a true story like this please send it to me at: dada_boy90@hotmail.com

Posted by caboose666 on 2011-03-31 04:21:19

I have also been tied up and embaresed by my 5 sisters. They took my clothes off in my sleep and tied me up and when i woke up i was nacked in her room tied to her bed. She gagged me with a red ball on a rope. Im 14 and she is 19. She put a vibrating dildo up my $%!@ and put it on full power and left me for 4 hours. When she came back she was with 5 girls. She untied me put me in blue panties a blue bra and a silk wedding dress. I have very long hair. She did my hair put makeup and tied me up again. She was just about to leave when her friend whispered something. Then they came back put panties in my mouth gagged me and pulled up the dress pulled down my panties and all of her friends took turn spanking me. Then they left came back with two vibrating dildos put them in my butt and left me for the reast of the day and night.

Posted by carl w on 2011-06-30 19:44:22

well once at 15 i was at my cousins house she was 13.well she had 8 of her friends there..i was caught peeping by them they pulled me into the roompushed me on the bed said they seen me peeping on them.i said no i wasnt 1 girl said well hes trying to see us naked so lets see him naked.i said no.them jump on me pulled my shirt off then my shorts.then they tied my hands to the bed with shoelaces.then my cousin said welll lets have a look she pulled my underwear down n off they all busrt into laughter.my cousin said god its so small.her friends all took turns on making comments. im 2inchs soft and almost 5inchs hard now. then i was 1.5inchs soft and 3inchs hard

Posted by sigh... on 2011-10-30 13:05:47

Yeh i had something worse than that just a few weeks ago i called a girl macum scum cos she was a macum and im a Geordie.... this didn't sit down to well with her. She got her friends and convinced me to come round to her house telling me she found my bag last night and took it there they then hit me over the head with something blunt (im not to sure what it was) they then quickly tied me with there tights gagged me with knickers and tied there tights around my mouth to hold the knickers in. they then made me call my mam and tell her i was staying at a friends. i did. after that they all chosen clothes for me to wear it went from girls jeans and shirts to ballerina clothes and $%!@. they then stripped me down to my boxers tied me up again gagged me and went out. they came back with LOTS and i say LOTS of bags full of clothes and sure enough they were for me. they pulled out lots of (is kinky the word?) well clothes that you wouldn't wear every day unless your a prozzy. they made me wear them took pictures then said if i don't do what they say they would put them up on FB and Google (things like that) so i had to do what they said they made me beg and stripped me to my boxers put a collar round my neck and referred to there bitch this was so painful i could of cried but i didn't but the next part did make me cry i had to say that macums were better than Geordies! and that they were superior they then made me where a french maid out fit and made me get them drinks food (what ever they asked for) then give them foot rubs. they then pushed me back into her room made me call my mam again say i was staying another night (sadly) she agreed and said it was fine. they then opened the small pink bag and pulled out hand cuffs and dildos and mouth gags then smiled at me (i sighed) they made me get on the bed they chained me up and gagged me with a red ball and put a dildo up my arse! they then all had ago at wanking me off (i didn't complain about that) they then left me there for hours they came back in to the room and made me dress up again into fishnets and stockings then they made me where a uniform with stockings, high heels, knickers, bra and a very girly shirt they then tied me down agin with tights and made me watch with them realy girly movies well they gave me a make over i tryed to struggle but one of them grabbed my head and told me to stop slapped me, kissed me then held my head against her boobs (once again i didn't complain) they sat with me for a few ours before letting me go to sleep for a hour or so. to this day i still think they have a photo some where. there last words to me were "we should do this once a month and they still try to" the was 3 weeks ago so almost month :(

p.s just cos all this happened doesn't mean im going to stop calling her a macum scum that is what she is and what she always will be and if she doesn't like it then DON'T move to Newcastle!

Posted by nolan123 on 2012-02-22 05:18:15

I was 10 and i got inveted to this girls house her name was Del Ray she was 11 so she decided to play this game and whoever won the looser had to be their slave so we played and i lost so i was her slave so she took me to her room and stripped me tied me to her bed and made me call home to say that i was staying over night so i did and after that she made me call her Mom for the rest of the day :(. After that she made me call home again to say i was staying the rest of the week :(. By then i was still naked now i had been naked and tied to her bed for 5 days so she decided to have sex with me oh well ill live i thought to my self after that she spanked my butt for ten minuts than had sex again then untied me took me outside than she found some handcuffs and cuffed me and left me dangeling from a tree naked i still have nightmares i forgot to say she sucked my $%!@