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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

Beat up by my crush

Posted by MPC3385075494 on 2005-09-11 17:16:57

once in school, the school sent me to go get some class supplies from the office. he sent a girl to go with me, who happened to be my crush. she was beatiful, with a slight tan. she was wearing a tight shirt, showeing off her wonderful figure. she also wore a short shirt, showing her well-toned legs. after we had gotten the supplies and were each carrying a box, we headed back to class. oin the hallway to the classroom, when we were alone in a corner, i silppied and commented on her chest. she didnt say anything, but put down her box, knocked down me and then it started. she grabbed my one hand, and spun me around so i was bent over, though still standing. she stepped over my back so she has right above the back of my head. she then squeezed my neck in between her hard thighs. when i reached up to break free, she grabbed my hands and twisted them back, gaining complete control over me. she then told me next time i talked about her body like that, shed hurt me a lot worse. after another 3 or four minutes of her holding me there, telling me off, we picked up the boxes and headed back to the classroom. i never looked at her the same again.

Posted by hello-69 on 2005-09-16 23:53:33

did you still like her? i think if a girl did that to me i would like her even more. most of the girls i have a crush for could do that to me. this is because i am quite weak and i like strong girls with muscles

Posted by Monkeyboy on 2005-12-16 02:59:00

same thing happened to me..

My one friend dared me to go up and spank this really good looking girl. She was awesome looking. That day she had worn tight fitting jeans, showing off her great butt and legs. Above she had a tight, slevveless top. Her arms were not flabby, but they were not super muscular either. So, later that day, when she was about to head into the bathroom, i spanked her when no one was around. She jumped, then turned around to see me. She turned around, and began to flirt with me. I didnt really know what to do and i went along with it. At one point, with her arms around my shoulders, she drove her thigh up into my balls really hard. I bent over in pain, and she kicked my contined to knee my stomach. When i was low enough, she stomped on my back, and i fell flat on the ground. She jumped on me, and we tumbled around for a bit. I was in pain and it was hard to resist. At one point, she got her legs around my neck, and squeezed my neck hard in between her thighs. After a minute of that, she crawled onto my chest, and held me down, beating my face. After that, she said something about her letting me see her $%!@ up close, and she turned around and sat on my face, moved her $%!@ up and down, and got off and laughed, then stepped on my balls or something like that, and left. It sucked, bad, when i found out i was being watched by a few other guys, too.

Posted by MPC493028568 on 2007-04-23 03:08:53

almost same thing

well, sort of. when i was on vacation, i went swimming at the local pool by myself at about 7:00 later in the day. another girl, about my age (15) was there, sitting back on a chair. after about an hour, we both walked out from the pol area and crossed through a grassy area to get back to our seperate condos. i couldnt resist and touched her behind. she turned around and kicked me in the nuts. i fell to the ground and she jumped at me, hitting my face. i tried to wrestle her down, but she cought my neck between her thighs, and i was already too tired to break free. i kind of just layed there, pawing at her thighs for about 5 minutes. after this, she had regained some energy and began pouring on the pressure. i had to beg for quite some time before she let me go.

Posted by MPC410346910 on 2007-04-30 01:47:53

ur lucky

the closest ive had to that was my neighbor headscissoring me out in the snow, snowpants and all.