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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

Over powered

Posted by pezzle on 2007-06-24 13:13:02

Once I wet the bed a a friends house and was nappied by his older sister who was looking after us. She changed the wet bedding, nappied me and dressed me in a pretty baby doll nightie which really embarrassed me.

Posted by KGembarrassed on 2015-05-27 22:19:19

When I was in kindergarten I was pinned down by 3 sixth grade girls stripped naked and paraded around the playground to the delight of everyone else they held my arms out at my sides so I couldn't cover myself they carried me into the school when a teacher saw and told them to put me down unfortunately about a second later the bell rang and a circle of hundreds of students laughing hysterically at me was forming I made a run for it through the thinnest part of the circle which put me back outside I completely forgot to cover mu butt with my hands cause I was focused on keeping my front covered, I ended up hiding behind a bush until my mom brought me clothes and took me home apparently the school called her and told her about my predicament