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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

He sat on top of a boy and covered him completely with his skirt

Posted by Jean1950 on 2017-12-01 23:17:29

Because of my age I lived for a very short time the time of the voluminous skirts with crinolines and petticoats underneath, but a situation of my childhood marked me forever and I obsessed for a long time with these skirts and petticoats ,In Paris where I born and in 1958 when I was 8 years old and walking with my mother on the sidewalk next to a park a middle-aged and tall woman (or seemed to me a very tall woman) passed by us running while screaming "stop him ! stop him ! he stole my purse ! " the few people present were all women with some small boys and girls and none of them tried to stop him.She was wearing a wide sky blue skirt with many layers of petticoats , and I remember that while she ran , the skirt and petticoats flowed behind her showing a bit of his legs I found the scene wonderful ! a short boy of about 11-13 years old ran in front of her and everything happened very quickly.

the boy rounded a tree and park bench almost next to us ,then the hand of her reach out and grab his arm and pull him and drag the boy towards her forcing him to stop and i could see clearly how her skirt swelling up showing layers of her white petticoats and part of his legs,she clung to his waist pressing him against her and over his raised leg flopping the crotch of the boy around her knee and over her skirt .

Immediately she threw him to the ground ,quickly hiked up her skirt,and sat in top of his chest,the eyes and the top of the head of the boy it was the only thing of him stuck out from one side of her skirt ,and his shoes pointed out the other and below some layers of white petticoats that jutted out from the extended skirt ,OW ! exclaimed strongly my mother while I was completely engrossed , Practically the whole boy was covered by that sky blue skirt ! he boy wriggled and wriggled in silent and in vain .the skirt and a white flash of petticoat protruding covered her nose, mouth and almost her eyes ,I watched in amazement as when he moving, the skirt and the white petticoats were slowly and gradually eating the boy's face until disappearing almost completely under them ,i think that her knees pinned his arms ,while she pershed her hands atop her waist .

The boy kept moving and already had his whole head covered by the skirt of the woman who said " you forget about getting away for me ! " the boy stopped moving and of the boy now only the shoes were sticking out from under her skirt " think you're going to steal my purse ? " he said while the boy remained in silent and completely still under her skirt of the woman.

I was totally absorbed staring at the now unmoving skirt that contained a boy underneat, and the women approached forming a circle around the woman and I looked the surprised face of my mother who with one hand covered her mouth slightly.

The silence was absolute and the skirt was completely still and I was wondering why the boy was not moving anymore, had he fainted, was he afraid, was he terrified, or did he like to be totally covered by that skirt ?.

The woman then began with the tips of her fingers to spread her skirt delicately in all directions and smoothed it gently with her hands forming a perfectly extended and unmovil circle around her, of which only a immobile shoes protruded ,she kept still, quiet and quietly looking down to her skirt with the women and their children around (including my mother) also looking down and in silence, while my heart beat harder and harder and then something happened that obsessed me since then, from behind I heard a little girl ask her mother "Mom, why this lady is sitting on top of the boy ? mom ...mom ...why she covers it with her skirt ?mom, why does she have him under her skirt ? " the voice of a woman (I suppose the mother)answered dryly " to punish him !" and I heard the giggles of another woman ,I did not turn around but my heart was beating so hard that it seemed like I was going to get out of my chest!,I could not give credit to what I heard, how could this be? Was it a punishment to finish under a skirt? Women punished men by covering them with a skirt? why did that woman say that? Did she also punish the men by covering them with her skirt? I looked at my mother and saw her turn her head and pursed her mouth in a smirk and seemed to me that my heart was going to explode .

And the skirt was still perfectly stretched and totally quiet and immobile.

And she finally rised and the boy appeared from under that skirt.

The boy also tried stand up but the woman grabbed him by his arm and pulled him to her side "no sirree , little fella "". Her frame towered over the small boy " you are going with me , and we are going to find your mom or the police, we'll see ! ".

The boy remained silent all the time looking at the ground and my mother and the other women were grouped surprised and silent around them two and with a smile "thank you very much but I do not need help " answered she .

She then tugged at the boy's arm, with one hand while leaning a little and with the other was arranging the petticoats under the skirt ,and winking the eye telling " thank you very much ! , But the women have to know how to take care of ourselves! "and while the boy remained stuck to her scared and silent,she brushed off her skirt ,flung her bag back over her shoulder " I know you think that because I'm a woman I'm weakI know you think I'm impotent , but you're about to see how potent I am " she said and dragged the boy back up the side street and walking she hold right while tugged of him and tell to him "and do not even think about trying to escape ".

And I remember that while she was walking next to his prisoner her skirt was swinging sexily from one side to the other at the height of her calves and I could not stop looking at that skirt ! that skirt that had covered him almost completely ! and meanwhile I could not stop hearing in my head the voice of the woman who saying " to punish him ! " .

And finally they two got lost walking in the distance on the street.

It's something I will never forget!

I then looked at my mother who was silent, she looked at me and smiled .

On the way to our house I could not stop thinking about what I had seen,a boy had been trapped by a woman and he had finished under her skirts and petticoats and almost completely covered by them ! , I was envious of that boy ! while walking and thinking about it I looked at my mother's face from time to time, but also her legs and her wide skirt while remembering the voice of the woman " to punish him !!! " and I remembered my mother's smile to that comment , I wanted to ask my mother many questions, i thought that her, as my mother but also as a woman would answer many questions about what we had just seen ,but I could not ,she was silent ,but suddenly she looked at me again, gave me a roguish smile and we kept walking home .

I think that more than once I would have asked my mother about that event, because she smiled at the woman's comment that the child was under the skirt of a woman to be punished and and why the child was completely still under that skirt ,but I did not, I never did .

I never had with her or her with me the slightest comment on that event, as if it had never existed!.

But I always remember that skirt !.