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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

Completely Embarassed

Posted by whatdafuq on 2014-12-22 00:41:46

So this was a couple of years ago. I was 13 and she was 10 TEN!!!! She was in fifth grade and so much stronger than me! So basically I was running somewhere, I don't remember why, and I knocked over one of her friends. I said sorry, but the girl was crying. Her friend was $%!@ed. She wanted to fight. At first I was kinda shocked, but then I realized she was only ten years old. I could taker her easily, right? I laughed at her when she said that, because I was 3 years older than her, half a foot taller, and probably 40-50 pounds heavier. Now she really wanted to fight. She started to shove me a little and I realized I had to fight her. The fight started, both of us scared to throw a punch. I could tell she wasn't going to, so I decided to throw a hook to her cheek, but she easily ducked it and nailed my stomach. I was know bent over, clutching my stomach. She came up close and kneed me in the balls. Over and over again. She backed out and I fell to my knees, out of breath, coughing, and ready to quit. She stood over me and stepped on me making me fall to my stomach. Her friends were now laughing there $%!@ off and she said, "C'mon $%!@, give me a fight." I tried to respond but I couldn't. She then picked me up with no problem and let me go. I was struggling to stay up, and she whacked me in the nose. I went flying to the floor with a bloody nose. Within minutes this 10 year old girl had me begging, and I mean begging for mercy. She was just giggling the entire time. She then made my kiss her feet, and when I kissed her second one, she stomped on my head. She then left, but came back with some rope. I was tied up to a streetlight, crying. She let me go, but told me I better be back tomorrow. I did not come back, which was a bad choice. She saw me a week later and wanted to fight me again. Same result, but this time she forced me to come home with her. I became her slave. If I ever did anything wrong she said she would tell everyone. I made sure I didn't mess up. Every time I was given and order, she spanked me as I walked by. Eventually a month passed and I wanted a rematch. This time I landed a punch, she staggered backwards, but came right back at me. Within 50 seconds of that punch, she had me begging at her shoes again. Eventually, she felt bad for me and let me go, but she will still boss me around when she sees me.

Posted by KGembarrassed on 2015-03-29 20:48:39

When I was in kindergarten I was pinned down by 3 sixth grade girls stripped naked and paraded around the playground to the delight of everyone else they held my arms out at my sides so I couldn't cover myself they carried me into the school when a teacher saw and told them to put me down unfortunately about a second later the bell rang and a circle of hundreds of students laughing hysterically at me was forming I made a run for it through the thinnest part of the circle which put me back outside I completely forgot to cover mu butt with my hands cause I was focused on keeping my front covered, I ended up hiding behind a bush until my mom brought me clothes and took me home apparently the school called her and told her about my predicament