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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

A painful lesson

Posted by Rachel992017 on 2014-03-19 14:48:01

I am 14 years old and male.Im about 5ft 8 in,135 lbs.With my frame,Im never going to be considered a muscleman,but I suppose Im pretty strong for my size-or so I thought.My guy friends and I like to play a game called "Mercy."Two pepole lock their fingers together and try to force the other one to their knees.The person who does so and gets the other person to give up wins.I have about a 50/50 won-loss record at this game.Recently,we were playing when one of the guys brought his younger sister over.She saw us and wanted to play.She was about my height-maybe a little shorter-and about my size,so we were matched up.She was very pretty,with blue eyes and blond hair in a ponytail.The girls brother told me that this girl lifted wheights and played lacrosse,and to be careful because"She is VERY strong!"I noticed that her arms did have alot of muscle defintion,but I wasnt worried.In fact,I told her that "Ill try to go easy on you."When we locked up,she brought me to the ground in a second.My eyes went as big as saucers,I made this sound that was halfway between a gasp and a yelp.and exclaimed"OH GOD!!" It felt like my hands were caught in a vice!Still holding me to the ground,she asked"Do you still want to go easy on me?"I immeadtely submitted,but she wasnt done with me yet.She started cranking up on her grip,lifting me up and and down,all the while taunting me("Ooooo,I just KNOW this REALLY hurts!Ask me NICELY and I MIGHT let you go!)Ask her nicely?I was BEGGING her to relase me from her grip!When she finally did,she just stood over me,with her hands on her hips and this huge smirk on her face.I was still on my knees,just looking at my hands and trying not to cry.The girl and absoultely CRUSHED my poor fingers.They felt like something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon!They were so numb that I couldnt move them for an hour,and they were throbbing with pain for the rest of the day.I had been wearing a T-shirt,jeand rolled up to my kness and was in bare feet.She had been wearing a white skirt and blouse,with white socks and teenis shoes.As this girl walked away,she went behind me and deliberately stamped on my toes!Of course,the guys were all laughing likle crazy.I dont deny that I found the entire experince humliating,but I also consider myself lucky as Im sure this girl could have just as easliy broken my fingers if she had wanted to!It was a painful lesson not to underestimate a person because of their sex.Hopefully,Ill know better next time.