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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

Tea parties are for sissy girls!

Posted by humbled_and_shamed on 2010-09-23 02:50:42

When I was about 13 I used to hang out with an 11 year old girl called Jayshree who was a close friend of the family.

We used to mess about and tease each other, first starting as bets, where we would wrestle about and the person who was put on the floor (which turned out to be me) would have to kiss or clean the others shoes.

After a while I got tired of this humiliation, especially as I was older, so refused to play- this however made no difference, she would force me down and make me kiss her trainers or boots, and when I did she would just laugh.

One day I was round at her place. We were up stairs and her mum was downstairs.

We were just talking when she tripped me over, I expected to kiss her feet, but instead she clipped on a long chain key ring she owned onto the back trouser loop of my jeans and used it to walk me like a dog.

She laughed as I was helplessly walked out of her room and she called to her mum saying "look my new doggy". Her mum came to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at me on the leash and immediately burst out laughing and went back to the living room.

Jayshree walked me back into her room and said, she was going to dress me up. If I resisted I would be paraded back in front of her mum, but If I let her it would be our secret.

I reluctantly agreed and put on a skirt and blouse, and then let her do my make-up and paint my nails. I then heard the door bell and realised my mum had come to pick me up. Jayshree threatened to expose me which sent shivers down my spine, but after being made to beg I was allowed to change.

Suddenly I heard a lot of laughter from down stairs as the words "what a dog?" were shouted and my heart sunk, but I knew this would be nothing compared to getting caught dressed like a girl. I rushed to change, falling all over the room as I hurried to get the skirt off. I dashed into the bathroom and washed my face and hands. The make up was no problem but the nail varnish never came off no matter how hard I tried- this is how I learnt nail polish only comes off with nail polish remover.

I asked Jayshree what I should do and she laughed and order me to kneal kiss her feet. I obeyed immdiately and she made me beg in a dogs voice for her to help me- which of course I did. Jayshree told me to hold out my fingers and she cleaned of the nail polish.

When I left with my mum all Jayshree's and my mum were doing was laughing and asking Jayshree if I was a good dog, to which she replied "like a little princess" and winked at me.

Although I went to high school and she was still in middle school, our schools were close by and on Monday she came to my school and met me as I was leaving teasing me about what had happened that weekend. She then told I had to wear a skirt the next day to school, and was not allowed to wear trousers until I had done so. I didnt take this seriously as although she had tortured and beat me up in the past, it was kind of a game we played in private and she had never done anything like this near school.

The next day after school however she came up to me, and without any warning beat me up in front of some girls in my class. I was then horrified as 2 of her friends held me down and she removed my trousers with ease. Totally humiliated I walked home without my trousers. No one was home yet so I got changed and never said a word.

The next day though the same thing happened, and on the third day I tried to run away but Jayshree caught me and done it again.

This was a problem though as this was my last pair of trousers and when my mum went to iron my uniform, discovered I never had any trousers. I told her I lost them in P.E. but she didnt believe me, saying that was not possible and yelled as they cost money. After about 20 minutes of yelling I came clean and told her. She first looked puzzled, and I thought I was in huge trouble, but she she actually found it hilarious. She sent me to my room and called Jayshree's house.

An hour later I was called downstairs and told the following... I could wear my jeans to school, but would probably get detention for that and Jayshree had promised to take them too. Or I could borrow a skirt from my mum, and once I wear it Jayshree will give back my trousers. However my mum would only let me wear it if I asked her nicely. That was easily the most humiliating point of my life, pleading my mum if I could borrow her skirt. She pondered for a while, then agreed, but only on the condition that I took it seriously and let her dress me up fully. I had no choice but to agree and the next day I was dressed in a black skirt and white blouse- both were big for me but were pinned up to stay in place. I had my school tie and blazer and wore a pair of my mums shoes. To top it up I had lipstick applied and a pink bow in my hair.

As Jayshree went to a different school, I decided to bunk off and just see her in the evening as I would wait at her school to ensure not many people from my school saw. When she saw me she burst out laughing and so did her freinds.

This was the beginning of a lot of humilation by Jayshree (with the support of both my mum and her mum), however most of that was back to it being private and not as bad as this.