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Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl?

Sister forcing me to do stuff.

Posted by mbsmj on 2008-08-30 07:08:33

My sister is 18 and I am 15. I am a male. Ever since I was 12 I have been forced to do things and had things done to me. Like oncemy sister and I got hoe from school together cause we go to the same school. She took me into her room strait away and she gave me a bra, panties and her old ballet leotard. She got me to change into it all while she changed into her clothes. About 30 minutes later my friends came to the door. My sister doesn't want me telling anyone so I had to lie and say I had to go to a ballet class that night. The sad thing is one of my friends have a younger sister that does ballet and so he was like "well, I guess I'd see you there, huh?" So my sister took me to the community center and got me singed up and everything. The teacher went along with it because it is my sis's old teacher. My parents had been out for like all week.

I told my friend I quit the ballet thing after that.

My sister does different things alot. I have been wearing a training bra and panties not at school for a few years now. That is the only thing that has not changed. I have grown to enjoy the padded training bra. I have gotten used to it.

Posted by shakeel on 2011-11-06 15:03:23

I think u should take this a step forward. maybe start wearing dresses and makeup now. I'm 16 now, and last year, when I went to go stay with my aunt, I was dressed up as a girl for 3 weeks. I had to wear panties, bras, makeup, everything. after the three weeks, it was really for me to get back to being a boy, and i found that I actually liked being a girl. I went back to dressing as a girl, but now I went to school and did everything as a girl. I am soon going to be undergoing a sex-change, because I think that my life is so much better as a girl. I've been taking supplements to grow breasts, and i cna't wait until I get changed into a girl