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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

Please comment my parents limit my clothes a lot

Posted by Megan l on 2005-07-28 11:42:08

My real current situation and getting back to Donna

I was absolutely sick and tired of not having a choice in clothes. This is why I accepted my parents view that smaller and fewer clothes on me is better. After looking at twisted weasel because of Donnas post, my parents researched their site and picked out my clothes so that I have some variety. Next week these clothes that I will be wearing from twisted weasel will be the smallest available loose fit shorts and hot shorts. these shorts are not mesh as I dont wear panties and therefore wouldn’t be legal because my privates would show through. This is why I agree with Donna and will also wear weasels shorts pair of denim or cotton mini skirt and wear it low like her daughter wears hers. The shorts are still very revealing as I call em bikini shorts because of the way they slide through my but crack and only cover 3/4 of my $%!@ but never the less they are still shorts. I will also wear either a short strech cotton t shirt or a short strech cotton tank. For my feet I can only wear flip-flops (trainers if a workout). As for the bikini mine will be slightly transparent when wet but this will have me get used to being nude and I owe it to Donna for her post but still think she should let her daughter have more choice as I do and what the heck how more revealing can you be. Now I don’t know if she is real but at least I am real.

Posted by shanon on 2005-08-11 15:02:09

Just for your information. In my country this month of August the temperature is unusually low but with sun, no rain, no wind. The girls are currently in vacation. They have plenty of time for training and of course are submitted to the Summer Rules. They have to get up around 7:00 and they must go to the outdoor meeting point for the ‘good morning’ training session scheduled everyday from 7:30 to 9:30. As said in the previous message this session is conducted totally outdoor and is strictly mandatory. The girls must appear on time (7:30), barefoot and totally nude for the roll call whatever the weather is. Since a few days they had to start the session by a temperature of 45°F. In the early morning there is plenty of dew so at the beginning of the session I order them to roll in the grass. I always appreciate this exercise and particularly when it is cold. This is a healthy and valuable tool to develop endurance for the girls. When they get up to start the other routines I am satisfied if their nipples are hard erected which mean that the dew bath has been done correctly. (After this exercise by a so low temperature they always have their nipples hard erected and their wet bodies are wonderful!). Then we continue with a sustained physical training session during two hours. Not easy for the girls nevertheless they never complaint and they smile…. If they do it you can do it!

Posted by GER_P on 2005-11-22 18:16:48

I'm pleased to see that some parents still deal with their child's modesty. My opinion Donna_g is doing right, and also Kattie's parents. Remember many years ago as i was 13, at school sometimes gymnastic lesson were organized by teachers for both girls/boys and some girls were so shy to wear a tiny shirt (with bra under it) that as boy arrived, they run into dressing room and used to dress over the shirt and additional pullover (guess to cover their developing body). Such modesty ( behavior should have been corrected immediately with Donna_G rules. bye cze_lonewolf@libero.it (feel free to contact)

Posted by bosspaul on 2005-11-24 11:30:41

I agree that parents should take care of child’s modesty. As GER_P said this is important for young girls with their developing bodies and this stays essential for teen age girls. I want to promote the good practice presented by Shanon and I think it will be of great help for parents. I like the idea of gradually enforcing full nudity with determination for the physical training of young teens. I like the idea of preparing softly and progressively girls 13-15 to exercise everyday in the nude but I definitely appreciate and I totally approve the strict rules applied to girls over 16: bare feet and full nudity required for all physical activities, forced nudity for co-ed sports as often as possible and for beach activities, an compulsory 45-plus minutes of nude workout everyday preferably in the open air and necessarily outdoors in summer time whatever the weather is. I particularly appreciate and recommend this last point and encourage parents to avoid any laxness in the application of this rule, a bad weather is never an excuse to reduce, delay or suppress this workout. Remember this workout must be done all days from spring to fall, always outside, totally nude, preferably at a time scheduled in advance. There must be absolutely no way for the girls to escape as this is of great benefit for a healthy development of mind and body.

Posted by Art Bhutic on 2005-12-20 03:02:58

If the girl drops her bikini, she must have her bikini panty on at least.