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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

Please comment my parents limit my clothes a lot

Posted by Kelly K on 2005-06-20 16:09:24

The problem with my parents is that they will not let me wear any more than the bare minimal amount of clothes necessary for me to go out. This is because I am never been able to buy a single thing on my own because my parents will not let me have any money Also, my parents will only let me wear my really tiny sport related clothes or choose a tiny dress. However, my mom is great to me because she provides me with a great place to live, and she buys me anything I want such as makeup, hair treatment, manicures, or a trip to the tanning salon so I look like a knockout.

When I do go out during the day, I am only allowed to wear a very small pair of real short running shorts with no panties, a small sport top with nothing underneath, and a pair of flip flops. I am only allowed to ask for a pair of running shoes when I am ready to run or workout. When I go out at night, I am only allowed to wear a short one-piece sundress with nothing underneath unless I am going to dance class and my choice of sandals. The only time that I may wear a pair of panties is when I have my period, and my mom will let me wear a tampon or when I go dancing in a pair of low heal sandals. I am never allowed to wear a bra.

Finally when I come home, I must go to my bedroom to remove what little I have on and change into a bikini because I’m only allowed to wear a bikini at home. My parents on the other hand just say that this is what I’m wearing and I’m wearing it weather I like it or not.

I guess this because my mom grew up as nudist, is a member of the AANR, and as a child she was not allowed to wear any clothes at home. She too was wear the bare minimal amount of clothes when she went out which is now her rule on me. My mom on the other hand will not force me to go nude when I am at home but she will only let me wear my choice of swimwear.

My parents say that they will only allow me to wear the most smallest and fewest clothes as are necessary for me to go out so that my body shows well, and I continue to concentrate on my physical appearance. My parents feels that limiting my clothes always encourages me to protect and respect my body or it will show that I haven’t. I must admit that only being allowed to wear small clothes has forced me to work out a lot and watch my shape. It makes me think this is good for children. My parents say that they just want me to be comfortable with my body, and not the clothes one wears. My dad said mom’s her strict clothing limits will force me be more confident and comfortable with my body when I attend nudist camp in July.

Sometimes I feel good by looking the way I do by wearing little small clothes but sometimes I feel like I need a little more. The problem is that my mom makes me dress this way in small clothes even if I complain that I am aggravated, embarrassed and tired of it. My mom says that for now I will have to dress this way until I the weather gets cooler when I go back to school in this fall. The bottom line is I’m only allowed to wear the bear minimal.

Therefore, please email me at whizzer72@aol.com to let me know what you think of my parent’s policy, and if other parents do the same. I would also like to know if you were me, would you just have to go along with mom’s policy and get used to dressing this way in a bare minimal amount of clothes required to go out or do my parents have no Wright to say and I can do something about it.

Thank you,

Kattie whizzer72@aol.com

Posted by shanon on 2005-06-21 08:57:17

I don't know how old you are and what is your workout program but I can say that limiting clothing as much as possible is very beneficial and should be part of the girls'education. Ideally your training program should include a daily workout always performed in the nude. Your parent should encourage you to be fully naked as often as possible (I disagree with them when they tolerate the bikini). You should also be encourage (forced if necessary) to exercise outdoor as often as possible but always in the nude. This should happen everyday at least in summer whatever the weather is. Additionally it will be of great value for you to be trained as often as possible outdoor and totally naked all along the year. The training sessions have just to be designed in accordance with the weather in duration and intensity. You will see: exercising under the rain is great!

Posted by shanon on 2005-06-23 07:19:27

Absolutely right. Being barefoot and wearing outside outfit as light as possible should be the rule. If you are lucky enough to be hidden from the road or from your neighbours in your garden you do not need to wear a bikini and you should be barefoot fully naked for all outdoor training and activities

Posted by Skyfox on 2005-07-02 01:29:34

Kelly K./Kattie,

On one hand I agree with you that your parents are being too overbearing by always controlling every aspect of how you dress. They should allow you more freedom.

On the other hand, if it has been like this in your household since you were born, why aren't you used to it by now? If you were raised with this it should be a totally normal thing for you to do in warmer weather and you shouldn't have any problem accepting it just like you shouldn't have any body shame. Other than the lack of freedom of choice, why do you have a problem with wearing minimal clothing in warm weather? Just curious, not trying to be snotty.

Posted by Megan l on 2005-07-02 07:24:37

I really want to know if what my parents are doing to me by limiting my clothes so much is legal for them to do so because like you say, you dont agree with them being so strict with me when it comes to the way they limit my clothes so much. The reason I want to know if this is perfectly legal is because I have a friend who is dressed like me and it is very tough for her because unlike me and it has been very sudden for her at age 16 this year. Never before was she not allowed to wear any more clothes than the utmost minimal like me. Her parents did this to her because she got to be 15 lbs overweight and therefore as punishment stripped her of most of her clothes. She said she begged and cried to her parents on her hands and knees but they would not give in. However what her parents did paid off because that was 3 weeks ago and so far she has been to the gym every day for the last 2 weeks and lost 5 of the 15 lbs. In fact as of this week her parents have become even more strict now by only letting her wear a bikini top instead of a sport top when out in most public places like shopping and restaurants partially due to the unusually warm weather we are having in the Miami FL area. In fact I am now determined that when I get older and have a kid that I am going to force them to not be allowed to wear any more than the same thing as me because even though it is uncomfortable or embarrassing for me to be so revealing of my body because I get lazy in my workouts sometimes and it shows in the long run it has built up my confidence in my appearance and forces me to exercise more and this is good for all kids my age. Kattie