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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

Me, too

Posted by FKK-Sabine on 2007-06-25 21:08:53

My parents started clothing limits when I was 12 and complained about going on nudist vacation. They used it to punish me for some time, but when I became 14, they made it permanent and most of my clothes were given away, sold or destroyed. I even had to get a short haircut, so the hair won't cover my breasts anymore. At the beginning I was upset about the haircut, being nude at home and wearing clothes outside that were more like underwear to me. Now I'm 17 and sort of used to it, except that I need to ask my Mum for clothes to go anywhere but school. When she's mean, she's made me visit a friend in bikini-panties, or go to the store in miniskirt and bikini-top.

Posted by FKK-Sabine on 2007-07-13 07:25:02

Hi Susan,

no, I can't wear panties, except for those few days each month, just like your niece. Because the skirts are from 13 to 24 cm long, I have to watch out not to flash people.

My Mum does not tell me exactly what to wear, but I need her OK on outfits and there are only few and skimpy clothes for me anyway. Because we have school summer holidays now, I would usually only wear bikinis, but the weather here in Germany is too cool this week. I'm still mostly barefoot, as I may only wear shoes when some place requiers it. So I do all sports without shoes, even running.

I think it's not practical that Jena can't have a watch or purse. Also I have piercings.

You say your sister has a nudist household, so I'm surprised she'd let her daughter wear a bikini at home. I'm always nude at home, even with visitors, and it's OK.

What I mind is that I have to keep my hair short, so that not just my breast, but also shoulders, neck and ears are not covered. And I still get nervous topless in public. It's not illegal, but very unusual and there are always stares and often comments. I'm rather small, not quite B-cup. If I was Mum's size, D-cup, it would be easier.

What do you wear when you visit with your sister? Mum has a younger sister, and she undresses when she's here so she goes nude in front of Dad, too.

Posted by FKK-Sabine on 2007-07-18 19:45:15

Hi Susan, I don't know if such a camp exists. Teenagers aren't much into nudism I'm afraid. Why don't you go to a nudist or clothing optional place as a family? That's what we do, and take no clothes for me. Also, public nudity itself is not illegal in Germany. Only it is often treated as exhibitionism or causing public nausance and you can be fined for that. But, you know, nude sunbathing is allowed at parts of the city park in Hamburg! With the outfit you describe, you'll be OK. Outside the big city business areas, she can wear just a bikini. I do since Saturday, even to get groceries. And if I go over to a friend, or the baker or newsagent in the neighbourhood, I do without top just in bikini panties. I have even got stuff cheaper with naked breasts. But I wear athletic bikinis for this. For the public pool, Mum and I have very small suits from tangaland24.de.

Posted by lillayla on 2007-08-04 00:09:15


Just wanted to ask what is a suitable age both at home and out to start my daughter wearing very short minis,mini dresses no knickers,only skimpy bikinis as I want her to be comfortable about her body and be confident.


Posted by Skyfox on 2007-08-15 21:54:29

Lillayla, the age to begin teaching your kids comfort and confidence in their bodies is as young as possible. Regarding the clothing or lack thereof, that part should come after thoroughly learning toilet training and personal hygiene. Whoever it is, in this case being your daughter, she should be taught from the start to be proud of her body, never ashamed or embarrassed about it, and always confident. If we can't feel comfortable in our own skin, we will never truly be comfortable.

Susan, what is the point of the nipple covers or thick camisoles? The nipple is just another part of the body, no less than a nose or freckle, so why should it be shameful or excessively hidden away any more than necessary?