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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-11-06 15:27:32

Lol :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-11-10 22:33:55

Yesterday evening I and Peter went to the cinema to watch the Midway film. I did buy a warm coat this week that goes a little below my knees and I was wearing it. Peter dared me to wear only a skirt and a blouse under that coat and, when the lights go out and the film starts, to unbutton and open all that and to $%!@e. I like to please Peter so I agreed. First I took off my shoes once in the theater and Peter put them in his rucksack. Then, as we sat (in a back row) and the film started, I started to unbutton my blouse, first I was afraid, but no one seemed to notice so I went on and soon my boobs were there in the open! Then I was to lower my skirt and that was harder to do quietly - I moved in my seat and an older girl next to me noticed and started to throw side looks at me. I think she saw my nipples poking between the coat's and blouses's open sides, and that I lowered my skirt too. I tried to smile at her and to make cute eyes. I was not wearing panties, so next step was to start touching myself. I waited some time to calm down - for my fingers to stop trembling - and they stopped (Peter stroked my hand too) but I also felt getting wet. My naked butt was touching the seat and I was feeling my half-nakedness strong. I started touching my $%!@ and soon came with that girl watching me. She made big eyes but thankfully didn't call any other's attention even though she was with some friends. Maybe she told them afterwards :) Anyway, I did the dare fully and watched the rest of the film (not really my favorite kind, with all these bombs and torpedoes and all), and then Peter kissed me and said how good and brave I am and I just melted. We went to a restaurant and then to his apartment and the evening ended as it should :)

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2019-11-16 15:21:47

That is wonderful to hear. I am so proud of you. Maybe that girl that saw you might try what you did one day. You have become really brave and daring. At home trying just mastrubating out in the open. Your family will most definetley understand and it will open a lot of new possibilities there. Good luck. And thank you for sharing

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-11-16 19:51:37

Thank you again Jessica! You're second who suggests I $%!@e at home in front of my parents - I think you mean them coz my bro and Mila his GF are quite familiar with my naked body :) Maybe I really should try that. I think I'll need to have something really erotic on TV to do that ... BTW what possibilities do you mean? :)

Also, Peter told me to share the story of how he had to spank me. Here it is: https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/291712/topics/279296/pg/2

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2019-11-17 15:15:28

I read your spanking story. I think peter did the right thing. He has been a good boyfriend to you. As for something erotic to watch try watching a movie with a romantic scene but not porn. That would be too hardcore. I think once your parents see you $%!@e they will understand. Worst case they say you can only do it in your room. Best case you can be $%!@ing yourself on the couch next to your bro and Mila!