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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-21 14:13:01

Pat-fish ok, maybe someone else will be interested :) BTW I did make a poll about it: https://www.misterpoll.com/polls/630470

Today I was back in school and I followed Rosy's example (see https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/102086/topics/182395/pg/9 and next page) in going pantyless with a miniskirt! Also I stopped wearing shoes in school short before the vacations, so all I had on today was that mid-thigh skirt and crop top. I was very wet and I had to $%!@e in school toilette and I came strong.

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-28 22:07:35

So since yesterday I'm finally naked at home with parents. Yesterday evening I came home from Peter's (with him I spent all Saturday and night and half Sunday and it was wonderful!) and I was tired and a bit drunk and just took off everything not noticing that they were at home. Dad tried to scold me but Mom defended me saying I'm not a child anymore (BTW 31 October is my 16th birthday) and there's nothing bad in what I choose to do and even if it's a mistake I should learn to make own choices. Dad grumbled something and left the room, and Mom, alone with me (bro and Mila were out somewhere), looked me all around and said I'm beautiful. She also noticed I shave my $%!@ (partly) and told me she used to do that too when she was younger.

So now I'm free to go any way at home, though I didn't tell even Mom how I go at Peter's :) In his apartment I wear high heels most of the time (those 9cm sandals bro bought me in Greece), and either nothing more, or the erotic corset, or something like this https://www.orion.de/blog/wp-content/myfotos/13_abierta-fina_ouvert-body_strass/13_abierta-fina_ouvert-body_strass.jpg. One time last week he even tied my body round with a rope like a corset so that my boobs sticked out very much and became more sensitive. We had supper with me that way and it was strange and a bit uncomfortable but exciting. You can guess how it ended that night :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-11-01 16:10:44

And since yesterday I'm 16! So now I can freely drink wine and beer and have sex :) Nothing of which I've done before, haha, I'm decent girl!

And even though I think it's childish to want presents (like Dudley in HP), golden anklets Peter got me are soooo cute with bare feet! I'll definitely wear them to school and more. Oh, and I make a party tomorrow evening, with my parents leaving until Sunday to give me free space, and I make it clothing optional. I invited Lena from school and the people from the Greece trip and I said everyone can wear anything or nothing. For myself I have not decided yet :)

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2019-11-02 14:35:52

Since you are the host of the party, you should host it nude. or start out slightly clothed and then take off some stuff as you go until you are fully naked.

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-11-02 19:17:22

Vicki - it's great that you are finally able to be nude around your parents. Have they gotten used to you being nude around their guests/friends yet? What do they think when you play with yourself in front of them?