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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-10-05 16:17:19

Vicki - very impressed with your progress so far. When you went to school after spending the night with Peter, what did you wear? Couple of suggestions to progress to nudity at home: * Walk back and forth to the bathroom completely nude, and arrange to do it when one of your parents is around. Perhaps even walk through the house to pick something up (clean clothes, a towel, a drink, whatever). * Instead of panties, start wearing a wrap like girls wear around their bikinis at the beach - but of course with nothing on. And the wrap can easily become untied. * I assume you sleep nude. Keep your door open so that people can see you nude in your bedroom.

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-05 22:25:54

EdunRevol - Many thanks :)

That Thursday evening I went to Peter's wearing one of the outfits I was given back in Greece - a skirt about 30 cm long, a thong and a crop top, and also the high heels. It was warm that day, not less than 20C and mostly sunny, and I somehow hadn't thought I'd have to go to school right from there. But on Friday the weather got cooler and more cloudy and rains started, so Peter gave me his shirt. Lumberjack style, not going well with my skirt and sandals but still nice of him :) But I left it at the locker together with the shoes. Our school has no real dress code and many girls wear short skirts or shorts and some wear crop tops too.

Thanks for the suggestions too, I'll try them! BTW I'm at Peter's now (he's asleep already and I'm using his laptop) and I'm wearing only a bracelet :) He likes me wearing that erotic corset and I wore it this evening, but he took it off me during our fun together :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-11 15:39:09

Pat-fish thank you for your interest :) As I said in other thread, I spent not much time at home now, but when I'm home and parents are at work I mostly go nude, and when they come home too I put on a small beach wrap (it's like maybe this https://www.amazon.de/Wickeltuch-Strandkleid-Strandtuch-Strandkleider-Wickelrock/dp/B07V4HTW52/ref=sr_1_4 but colorful). There is no school becoz of vacation, but before the vacation I stopped wearing shoes or socks there. I got attention but no problems so I think I'll continue.

I get no punishments and I think I don't deserve them (I'm not a little girl anymore BTW), but if I do something wrong to Peter who I like so much I think I'll accept what he'll want to do to make it right. And I hope to go to a sea more, maybe not to Greece - there is many beautiful countries to go!

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-15 15:22:05

Pat-fish, right, it got cooler here, but the latest days were warm, especially Sunday - it was almost summer-like, sunny and pretty warm. Peter took me to a big lake outside Berlin - there is a beach under trees and it was wonderful to sunbathe like in summer again. I put on a small bikini - one of those they gave me back in Greece - but after some time Peter dared me to take it off and take a swim naked. I thought it was too cold but he said it's very shallow and the water is warmer, and he showed me someone's head on the water. Then I agreed and stripped and stepped into the water. It was still pretty cool so I was not sure. Meanwhile people noticed and started to cheer me to go, so I gathered my strength and ran forward and dived. It pressed my breath away but I got on surface where water was the warmest and swimmed some. People on the beach applauded :) I even laid face up a bit with eyes closed, feeling sun on my naked boobs and belly and everything. Then I returned to Peter and he hugged me and warmed me. Then I dared him take a swim too, even if not naked :) and he did and then said I really was brave to go there. He's so nice!

The wrap is kinda see-through, yes :) I put it on right now and I can see hair above my $%!@ in a mirror.

On holidays - it's too early to make plans but I think some nakedness there will be! In Greece bro and others made me show skin but gradually I learned to like it, so I'll try to show as much as possible :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-10-15 18:47:34

Other people noticed and cheered and I was a bit embarrased but liked that too :) I was too distracted to look what they did, but now I asked Peter and he said some people really held their phones up. So my naked dive is probably on their phones now. I was already filmed that way in Greece though then it was easier, knowing they don't know me and probably will never see me again. But what the hell :)

I don't know about December yet but I hope to go somewhere with Peter who I like so much :)

Oh, and please look at my questions about nipple piercings (Peter suggested I do it but I'm not sure): https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/300825/topics/312646/pg/1 I tried to make a poll but failed :(