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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-09-21 14:38:48

Vicki - I'm sure all three of you will have a good time. Your brother should get nude too. You should arrange to have lots of people over as well.

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2019-09-22 23:42:03

I agree. You should all live nude. Try and convince your parents too to allow you to live in the nude. While they are away though you should hold a party (maybe a nude party)

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-09-23 15:06:41

EdunRevol and Jessica, for now I managed to get bro and Mila to wear just slips/panties at home and to sleep nude. It was a bit hard to convince Mila coz she's rather flat while I'm curvy but I explained any body is good and she's tall and slender too.

Some friends have come by, both mine and bro's, and I kept my nakedness. Almost all liked my looks :) With parents I think I can arrange over time. Recently I talked with them over WhatsApp with video and they saw my nude upper body (I needed some courage to show it coz dad never saw my boobs developed) and dad asked why, and I said I like that way and it's more healthy. They didn't object, I even think I saw a hint of appreciacion :)

And I have a new BF now BTW, it's Peter, a guy from the trip on which it all started. He liked my openness on the trip and he likes it now!

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2019-09-30 00:45:09

That is very good to hear. Keep up the good work. I am sure your parents will accept your new lifestyle. Your brother and Mila will soon be naked with you too. Keep us updated

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-09-30 22:52:07

Thank you Jessica :)

A little update. My parents returned from Italy on Saturday and found all four of us there, just in slips (I broke my two weeks of home-nakedness coz I wanted to take things gradual with parents). They have known both Mila and Peter for some time so they were not surprised much and they approved that I date Peter now. We even agreed that Mila may continue to live with us (and go topless) while I may spend some nights at Peter's. He works freelance as a programmer or something so he can afford a small apartment to live alone.

I first visited him there Thursday evening (and stayed the night of course), it's nice though not very orderly. He asked me to come in my 9 cm heel sandals bro bought me back in Greece. I thought I'd be there just in those sandals but he also gave me some kind of erotic corset, black and white with frills, not covering the naughty parts. When I undressed and put it on, he asked me to paint my nipples with the same pinkish-red lipstick I did my lips with. I got to the bathroom and did that. It was really exciting to see myself in the mirror on high heels, in the corset that lifted my boobs but didn't cover them, and with my lips and my big nipples so bright and vibrant. Peter was waiting with wine and food and candles, and it all was just wow! He took some pics of me in that outfit and I did him a blowjob in it and then it led to full sex with me still wearing it, and later again with us both naked, and once more in the morning. The 9 cm sandals were my only shoes so I had to wear them to school coz there was no time to get home. I'm not much used to high heels so when I got to school I wanted them off so much that I just thought what the hell and took them off and spent the school day barefoot. Of course some people asked me why so, others simply looked or took pics. But there was no trouble. There is a lot of carpets in our school so it was pretty comfortable, even though there is no heating now.

So for now at home I wear panties or a microskirt and the same do bro and Mila. Well, bro doesn't wear skirts :) Mom seems to be OK with that, Dad frowns a bit but I think I can see him secretly enjoying our girls look :) I think in some time I'll manage to go nude again. I like the feeling of air between my thighs and warm leather or cloth of a couch or chair under my butt. I'm just a bit afraid to take it too cliff-edge you know. Better to get everyone used to the sight of my bare boobs for now :)