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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-12-29 15:23:51

Again lost more that 2 hour yesterday (got 43 on my butt and thighs) and 40 minutes today (20 spanks, 2 for each minute). It gets harder though I think I get used to the hot ground ... Tomorrow we go to a sea cruise, I think it'll be easy to be barefoot :) Also tried oil massage today and saw the Big Buddha. He's pretty big :)

Posted by Sandrabmum on 2019-12-31 14:38:55

Sounds like you are having a marvellous holiday Vicki and I love your boyfriends idea of spanking you for every minute you wear shoes. Something I think he should continue even when you are back home.

Posted by vicki03 on 2020-01-01 19:53:40

Happy new year eveyone! Here come the updates :) It's very late here but I'm not sleepy so why not describe these 3 days more detailed ...

The boat cruise was marvelous. There was about 10 or 12 people on the boat and turned out Peter had agreed with the captain that I may sunbathe topless in the front. Of course I neeeded to sunscreen very good coz the sun is pretty strong, and he invited two guys about my age to do that. They were excited of course :) Seeing me topless, another girl, maybe 25 or so, decided to join. I told her to sunscreen carefully too and she got me helping her. We got known - she's called Marischka and she's from Poland, traveling alone after a hard break-up. Also she's biologist and later when we went snorcheling at some beautiful island she showed me many strange/wonderful things on the sea bottom like aktinias, aszidias, ..., and others, and told me about them. At another island the captain gave us all a free hour and we went to a walk and found a very small bay with large stones in the water. We means me and Marishka here, coz Peter left us for a time, on purpose I think :) I suggested we get naked and sunbathe a little. She hesitated but agreed. She said I'm very good and understanding and, long story short, we kissed and embraced and I made her $%!@. She was confused a bit, she said it was her first time with a girl but it was great :) When we returned to the boat and met Peter, she was red but I pretended nothing happened, only smiled a bit to Peter. So we went on and visited one more island and had dinner and returned. We talked more with Marishka and it was clear she was frustrated after her break-up and wanted to get lost a bit. So back in Phuket, we went to a bar together and drank and danced. She got pretty drunk and kissed both me and Peter and we went to our hotel together. As soon as we entered she took Peter's $%!@ and sucked while I got naked as usual. I started to undress her too and she finished herself while Peter undressed too and got her on bed and entered her. I sat over her face and she licked me not so skilled but eagerly so I came soon. Peter came inside her and I licked his $%!@ from her $%!@ and she came loud too. I was lying butt up and Peter got hard again and entered first my $%!@ and then my butt. I was licking Marischka again and I think she came again and fell to sleep right there. Peter finished too and we slept all three.

Next morning (like 12am really) Mariscka was confused and embarrased but I embraced her and told her it was all to the good. She calmed I think but went home to think it all about. I took her phone number and Peter invited her to a New year party in the evening with us. Meanwhile we took the motorroller Peter rented to go to another beach. We rode for some time and took a turn and it turned out the beach was clothing optional - one of a few in all Thailand I think. Of course I got naked and a stranger man sunscreened me but he was probably a deep nudist and didn't take it sexually, just helped when was asked. Peter was disappointed a bit I think :) I took fun finding ascidias in the sea - they're really funny and strange and they are related to us vertebrates even they look totally alien! Later I wrote to Marishka and asked her again to join us and she agreed. So we went out, me dressed only in a microskirt and a small see-through top (I thought the police wouldn't arrest me in this time anyway). It was very crowded and busy and loud so it was a bit hard to find Marischka. She made wide eyes at my clothing but I said it's funny and sexy and free-feeling and she can try something like that too. We drank $%!@tails and I talked her into taking off bra :) She also asked my about my bare feet and I told about my challenge. We left the bar and went to the beach which was very crowded too. We even got in the warm water knee deep and watched the stars a bit, even though there were fireworks and other lights so not much seen really. A wave washed at us, making Marishka's shorts totally wet and see-through. She said ok, it seems to be God's will :) Then I splashed at her top too and she splashed back so we both were wet and laughed a lot. Peter was pretty wet too. We walked to our hotel together again. We all were a bit cold from the wet clothes so we got into a bath together (it's pretty big) and kissed and caressed each other in warm water. Marishka sucked Peter again and then he entered me - again first vaginally then $%!@. She asked me how it was coz she never tried, so we made a try for her :) It was a bit painful for her but I licked her $%!@ at the same time and she came.

We waked up about 14. Marishka kissed both me and Peter and said it was her best new year party. We lazied for some time and then went to a walk together. She asked me how it's to be barefoot all the time and I said it's cool and sexy though hard sometimes. I suggested she walk barefoot too. She got red a bit but took off her sandals and walked a few minutes. She said it's strange but funny, but too hot anyway. I said she can try later in the evening. We found a place to eat and I said she can take her sandals off here, but she was embarrased coz people looked. In the evening when it was dark she did go barefoot for like an hour before saying her feet are sore. Turned out her hotel was nearby so we visited her place and had sex again. I taught her to lick my $%!@ and I ate Peter's $%!@ from her $%!@ again (she's on pill like me). She's real blonde BTW, not blondish like me, and she has very good figure, long legs and pointed boobs with lovely pink nipples, and her face like I too. We couldn't spend night at hers (hotel rules) so I and Peter returned to ours and had sex again - that was only like two hours ago. Peter is sleeping and I'm thinking about all this - seeing Peter having sex with another girl made me realize I love him - ok, I said that. Well that's so. Maybe I'll sleep now that I said this. Thank you anyone who reads this, I know I wrote pretty much this time :)

Posted by vicki03 on 2020-01-07 16:06:33

So it's over and I lose the challange obviously but Peter said he'll think about some other to give me another chance to that iPhone :) If anyone's interested I'll write about how the last days of the trip were ...

Posted by Jessica_021 on 2020-01-11 16:00:06

Yeah I am intersted. Please finish your story. It is really interesting.