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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

My vacation story and how it changed me

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-12-21 15:50:50

I just forgot to say that it's school vacation since Monday and Peter takes me to Thailand, wow! It's just so sweet! Just the two of us for 12 days, Christmas and New Year. I wanted to tell more but need to pack and go to Peter's, sorry :(

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-12-23 10:38:30

Aaaanf we're here. Wow. Summer again is great, it's hot here in Phuket and just some clouds. Everything is busy and noisy and it smells tasty things in the streets and the water is so waaarm. And of course it's good to wear little again :)

Yesterday before leaving Peter challenged me to do a barefoot vacation, so that if I wear any shoes even once in a day then I get a spanking in the evening (the longer I wear them, the more) and if I make it without any shoes from start to end then he buys me a new iPhone. I agreed and he said it starts right from his door so I can just leave my sandals at home. So I did and left barefoot. It was pretty cold morning, about 3C, but on the S-bahn and on the airport train the floor was warmer. I still got looks of course. In the aiprorts and planes it was easy and pleasant so yesterday I passed the test. This morning when we arrived in Patong it was still not so hot but the sun was bright and by midday the ground was pretty hot but we went to the beach and I also tried keeping to shadows when possible.

Peter also wanted to dare me to go topless at every beach and pool but I googled that Thais are pretty conservative and police may arrest and fine people for indecency. I do see many in jeans or pants even though it's 30C. I respect other cultures but that's a bit sad. I think this dare would be easier coz I wouldn't have to press my boobs on hot asphalt :) So today we tried Patong beach and it was pretty good even though it's town beach - not very dirty and not overcrowded. I was wearing one of the more modest bikinis they got me in Greece, still revealing of course. Then we had a good seafood dinner and drank some beer and returned to the hotel to rest (also Peter needed to do some work on his laptop). Here in the hotel room I'm naked of course :) I feel some burning in my feet but I think it'll go soon.

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-12-25 14:49:40

Hmm, I don't know if anyone reads this but I guess I'll continue. Yesterday we went to the beach in the morning. I took a bit more revealing bikini coz i saw the first day that people were not so conservative there. I was gonna sunscreen myself but Peter remembered Greece and invited some Chinese (I think) guy to do that. We enjoyed the sun and the water for a couple hours then left and went for a walk in the town. The ground was already hot for my bare feet but I made it. We found a large seafood market/restaurant and ate there, and after that we went to a massage room. I've never had a Thai massage before and it turned out a bit strange but good and relaxing. The girl who washed my feet before the massage was visibly surprised to see them dirty and a bit hard but she didn't say anything. So in the end I did another fully barefoot day and Peter said I'm very good and we had great sex in the evening.

Today though I didn't make it :( Not that it was hotter today (it's been very hot all the time), just somehow I broke it. Maybe it was because of a shadowless walk we did at midday. So I had to buy some flipflops even though Peter reminded me of the spanking thing and that the longer I wear shoes, the more I get. So I tried to shorten it but it was more than three hours anyway, so Peter said I should get a spank for each 5 minutes, so 38 together. So when in the hotel after supper, he put me (naked of course) on the bed, tied my hands forward to a lamp and gave me those 38 with my own new flipflops. After 20, he made me stand on my knees and rub my $%!@ while he did the rest. Strange but I still found pleasure in it, and when he finished and penetrated my $%!@ from behind I was already wet and I came even before him, even though my butt (and thighs too) burned pretty much. He said next time it will be a spank for each 4 minutes so I gonna try harder tomorrow ...

Posted by EdunRevol on 2019-12-26 13:26:19

Vicki - perhaps he could ask room service to come help with the spankings. At the beach, were you topless or just in a bikini? What did the stranger do when you asked him to put sunscreen on you? Are you wearing underwear when you go out?

Posted by vicki03 on 2019-12-27 15:26:40

Well I'm afraid we do get arrested if someone from the staff sees me naked and tied and spanked :) Though generally it's more relaxed here than I thought after the googling. At the town beach I was in a bikini (though it's pretty small), and the stranger was a bit surprised but pleased - that saw I in his briefs when he finished :) But yesterday we went to another beach - it's near the airport so you can watch the planes almost touching you! And it was much fewer people there, water cleaner and no sign or police or anything so Peter suggested I do go topless and I did. Don't know if someone saw that from the planes but they definitely could :) And of underwear (if you mean panties coz I don't wear bra of course) I wore panties the first four days but today I left them in my rucksack and it went smooth, though my skirt was only mid-thigh short. Maybe later I'll try shorter :)

And of my challenge, I tried hard yesterday but still lost about half an hour so I got 8 spanks, but today I made it. As you may guess it's one for each 3 minutes next time ... BTW today we visited a theme park and there were elephants you could touch, feed and even ride a bit! I saw people taking pics of me on elephant's back and only after getting off I thought that I was pantiless and they could've seen my (now fully shaven) $%!@ ...