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Girls Clothing Limits in summer.

Our rules

Posted by p45ds on 2010-12-15 02:36:49

We have three teenage girls aged 17,16 and 14 and we enforce rules about clothing limits very strictly. At home they are required to completely naked and barefoot at home and around the yard. When they go out with friends or with the family they are allowed to wear whatever they want.

When friends visit they must take off all their clothes, tops, skirts/pants, shoes,socks,bras,panties all must be removed and they will be allowed to put them back on when they leave

Many of our friends and friends of our daughters have similar rules at home and some of their rules are more stricter

Posted by Dianad on 2010-12-15 17:36:36

How could the rules be any stricter? The girls already have to be naked, as do their friends.

Posted by RedhairedAngel on 2010-12-15 19:13:05

I was going to ask the same thing, our house has similar rules, and we agree that the rules probably couldn't be any stricter if we tried without them being ridiculous (Nude all times possible, and guests generally asked/required to be nude at all times)


Posted by IslandMom on 2010-12-17 14:14:03

I'm glad to see other families living nude. We are all nude at home anyway so ours arent really rules. Our kids have been raised nudist and we have some nudist friends that always strip naked when they visit. We don't have to wear much when we go out either...and almost always barefoot...it helps living in a warm, year-round climate...

  • Island Mom
Posted by emmyweapon on 2010-12-31 00:39:23

How could it be stricter? Do they confiscate their friend's clothing or something?