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Do boys need to track into the house just to pee?

Sons pee outside

Posted by hoosierdaddy on 2009-08-23 03:50:21

I was looking this up because I have two boys, 13 & 11 and they share a bathroom. The only other bathroom in our house is in our bedroom. The oldest gets up the earliest, usually before I do, and he's in the shower when my 11-year-old gets up. Sometimes either my wife and I get up with them and other times they grab a pop tart for breakfast and get themselves up and out, so one of us is always sleeping and they won't wake us up, thankfully. The other day I noticed from the kitchen window the 11-year-old was outside taking a leak off the porch. I knew bro was in the shower, but they used to go in the bathroom together when they had to. I don't remember them ever peeing outside at our house before, only on camping trips but I remember when I was growing up I'd pee in my family's greenhouse, but I was younger than them and I kept my bike and all my outside toys in there. Seeing the younger one do this didn't bother me at that time, but then a week or so later I picked up my oldest from the athletic club where he was swimming with some friends. We walked out as they were closing and knew the doors were locked from the outside but right before we got to the car he announced he had to $%!@ and went beside the car (we were parked alongside a concrete wall). I just told him to not do it in front of mom or use that crass of language with her. Now I'm just a little worried about both of my sons' habits. I did it in my drinking days and when I was a kid, but I hope they understand its not something to do in polite company.

Posted by Louise P on 2009-09-08 10:18:49

Last week I went with my sister in law to her freidn country house with a nice pool in the garden... The garden is wuite big and the pool is not close to the house, we spent the day there having lunch at the barbeque pool side. We were the 3 of us and our children. When my nephew said he had to pee, i was surprised to hear my sister friend answer. She said you can go pee in the pool or into the shower (pool side), the kids can go in the pool anyway, i prefer the adult to use the shower instead.. My sister said "it is lunc time, it is better he doesn't get into the water again", the woman said "he don't need to go inside, anyway, he can pee easily from the edge into the pool".. Few seconds later my nephew and the woman bigger son of 13 were peeing from the edge into the water..the kids liked very much the idea of peeing from the side into the pool, so the boys including my son did it more than once that day.. the girl liked the idea too, but pretend the boys don't watch at them as they peed into the pool after lunch, squatting on the edge.

I fund it funny that the woman encouraged the kids to pee in the pool, and not while swimming but even from outside....


Posted by beachmom on 2009-10-06 00:55:54

hoosierdaddy, I wouldn't worry about them, they're just being normal boys. These days, too many boys and dads worry a little too much about being politically correct. Women aren't as nieve as you think we are, nor are we as intolerant when it comes to a matter of convenience. Going outside to pee rather than waiting for his brother might be unnecessary, but I certainly don't mind them peeing outside when they are outside. If my son had just got in a hurry and forgot to pee inside, I certainly wouldn't fault him for having a leak by the car, however boys do test the limits of what they can get away with.

You may have the opposite situation with your boys as I had with mine. My boys were almost unwilling to relieve themselves anywhere outside no matter what the situation, it's taken several years of seeing others doing it and my continually assuring them it's ok to do it, for them to finally begin urinating in the yard rather than running in the house all the time. I'd prefer to have your problem, as I felt odd as a mom encouraging them to do something, mom's are supposed to be trying to limit.

My last thought is what your wife thinks or has allowed them to do. In most cases, moms spend a great deal more time with the kids than busy dads do. Often, dads will be surprised to see something that has been long known and addressed with mom. It's possible that the boys are being bolder around you because they've be caught by mom and weren't admonished for doing so. Naturally, if mom does object, they wouldn't expect you to.

Posted by M36D on 2010-11-28 09:02:38

I think Beachmom is right, growing up I spent alot more time with my mom than with my dad, and surprisingly she was fairly cool about letting me pee in different places. Some of the time it came out of necessity, but a good majority of the time she just found it easier for me to go somewhere besides a toilet. For example, I remember a time when I was playing at a local park with my mom watching me. The urge to pee hit me, so I ran to my mom and told her I needed to pee. The bathrooms aren't far at all, however they're not the cleanest in the world, and it also wasn't uncommon to see kids find a bush or tree to pee in/on (both boys and girls). My mom was sitting on a bench reading a book, and when I told her she looked around, noticed only about 2 other moms and kids there, and said "oh just pee on the grass here, the bathrooms here are gross." So I remember peeing in the wide open at the park, and nobody really took notice or even cared. Before we left the park that day my mom asked me if I needed to pee, and I said yes, and she had me go in the parking lot next to the car before we left. So don't let moms fool you, atleast not my mom, she was and still is pretty cool about me peeing in places other than the toilet. Alot of the time it was actually her idea, because it was just easier for her!

Posted by Louise P on 2011-02-02 14:11:13

My friend prefer to make her sons pee carside then havign to use dirty public toilets. When we went to the food market her bigger son said he neede to use the toilet, she asked him if he could wait as the toilet were dirty there. When we reached our car in the parking garage she told him "you can do it here" and then told the younger "you better go to before we leave". So both the boys peed in the parking, the younger went on the floor between our car ansd the next van, while the bigger turned and peeing against the side and the wheel of the old van, near us. I found it a bit strange he was peeing against the parked van, while I too let my children pee in the parking garage often as I too don't like using public toilet (and do it too myself). The kid peeing for quite a long time, and she said "you really have to go.." then told me "i prefer them to do it here than using that disgusting toilets", I agreed but found a bit strange he was peeing against the van. Few week later we had a similar situation after going to the movies togheter, this time my son too peed in the parking garage, between cars, while both her sons peed togheter against the side of the next car, with her mum watching them and smiling "boys will be boys" she said as she noticed I was a bit puzzled.