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School Unies and Dress Codes.

Uniforms ,order and peace

Posted by Femcop on 2003-12-12 15:12:27

You may say that uniforms interfere with freedom and that we are a bunch of fascists.Ok,but sometimes when you don't interfere bad things happen.Students become hippies,dirty jeans .long manes,beards ,drugs etc. And when things get out of control they call us .Last year as a police officer I participated in an operation that took place in a high school that had beeen taken by students.Once we took over a bunch of dirty female students ,some of who would wear their hair longer than their skirt were made to stand firm in the school yard.I was ordered to cut their dirty hair.I called them to the front one by one .I just placed the scissors at chin level a little bit above the ear lobe and cut.Then I made them bow and clean the hairs from the opening of my open toe pumps standing firmly in front of them.My toes ended clean but full of tears.Now,am I a fascist or just a policewoman carrying out her duty?.Those who let things get so out of hand have the right of calling us fascist.Isn't it better to teach discipline each day than letting hair grow past the waist and then call a police matron like me to peel it back to the level from where it should never have passed.And all just because school authorities do not have the guts to do it by themselves? Uniforms and discipline are neatness ,cleannes and peace.

Posted by Jay1-3 on 2006-09-16 06:47:12

That does happen yes, But not to every school that does not have a dress code. And you think a dress code is going to stop drugs from coming to your school? think again budy, your uniforms make it even easier to bring drugs, porn and what ever else you kitties want.