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boys clothing limits/summer

naked in summer

Posted by ..... on 2004-02-18 08:47:16

I am 15 year old male. In summers my parents take all my clothes away and as there are vacations I don't go to school. But I have a sister too. She does not have to be nude but she has to wear at least a top and knickers.She is 14.When any one comes home I meet them naked. I have also sometimes gone to my cousins house naked in summer.

Posted by hgghfg on 2005-03-24 19:56:18

I go everywhere naked that they allow. Friends house, yard, friend's yard, car... I like to be naked

Posted by hardcock on 2007-06-28 06:51:08

i dont beleive tht can u send a pic...perpetual_hardon_8inches@yahoo.com

Posted by lovelycar on 2007-07-10 20:59:30

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Posted by nakedrhode on 2013-07-06 13:04:58

I am a nudist so my limits is naked all the time if possible and as little as possible when out .I love being seen naked and being naked hate clothes.My summer wardrobe is cut me downs with just the mainseam from back to front so my $%!@ is just covered and the tip of my $%!@ unless I get hard then its out for all to see.When I sit down it all hangs out and is impossible to cover,and a t shirt if needed.I have 100s of pics I share by email or messenger nakedrhode@gmail.com