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boys clothing limits/summer

My sons upcomming nude vacation

Posted by Joe2 on 2010-02-05 15:48:20

Adam John:

I think that you are absolutely correct in your analysis of this situation. "Carol" sounds like a parent who would be more concerned about her dog than her child. She had also posted similar comments regarding a teenaged daughter that was not mentioned on this thread.

I looked up her destination in France and it did not sound like a place that would be friendly to you having your 14 year old son going around nude 24/7. (Their rules were also online.) They might have tolerated it, but it sounded like he would have definitely been the only one nude at certain times and places and would have been refused admission to some stores and restaurants even in the nudist resort compound itself.

Posted by Joe2 on 2010-02-07 00:40:13

Adam John:

I believe that I described the original "Carol" message as a "sick fantasy" from the get-go. However, the place that she was planning to go is not one of which many Americans would have ever heard. This motivated me to press for details on the assumption that at least some of the story might be real.

It sounds like you know a lot more about this sort of thing than most people. However, I did have a father who at times enjoyed being a pathelogical liar. Some times, he would get a kick out of making up things and then reeling in the unsuspecting person to whom he was talking who had no way of checking his story. Nothing sinister or twisted, just some wild tale, but sounds like the same idea as what you are describing.

Posted by Paz1414 on 2010-06-05 12:32:36


Posted by Joe2 on 2011-09-02 00:32:18

If there is anyone who would like to pursue the story originally posted here by a mother who called herself "Carol", there is a piece of online fiction that covers the same story. The following link will take you to an online version of that story. I do not know if they were both written by the same person or not, but the story line and the story details are the same. The only difference seems to be that the sexual details only hinted at here are covered in the fictional account. If I were asked to bet, I would be inclined to bet that they are the work of the same author. Caution: This story would be considered pornographic by many people.


Posted by Joe2 on 2011-12-26 20:09:41

Sorry, the writer of the story which I referenced in my previous post has had it deleted from the site to which I referred you in September.