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boys clothing limits/summer

My sons upcomming nude vacation

Posted by rickyB01 on 2009-01-06 19:49:36

the question is, what is the goal? to keep the kid as bare as possible, a little girl's bikini works best. just strings at the sides, and unlined in the front. buy it a couple of sizes too small and the back will ride up his buttocks. and of course, in front, it will ride down so low, that the top of the bikini will rest right on the root of his $%!@. If he has any pubic hair, it will need to be shaved, or it will completetly show. and depending on the size of his member, he will have to move carefully to avoid popping out .

If the goal is is to keep the kid as naked as possible for humiliation purposes, ironically slightly more clothing works better. Try cutting some of his jeans into ridiculously short cut offs... cut a couple of holes in back, and cut the seam between his $%!@ and balls. Essentialy his wearing a skirt, but to onlookers it will look like shorts, unless he bends over or moves to freely. You can take him out in public like this, but in the car, spread his legs and expose him completely. Make sure that when hes standing, and you kneel in front of him, his balls barely show below the hem. also, get him to get half erect, and the ehad of his $%!@ should show - a great incentive to keep him from becoming erect in public.

Finally, try little girls compression shorts - they can be found in very thin fabrics, much thinner than boys shorts, with tight elastic at the hem and waist. And they come in brighter, lighter colors that reveal everything underneath. Due to the tightness at thigh and waist, his $%!@ and balls will be completely exposed - the head, the shaft, everything. Im assuming that in all scenarious the boy isnat allowed a shirt, so there is no way for him to cover the front of him.

Posted by PollMan23 on 2009-01-16 16:16:13

Sorry, but this is just not believable. I understand the premise of the naturalist movement. However, insisting that your son go completely nude 24/7 while you yourself are dressed for dinner and you go around shopping for clothes? If you're such a stringent believer in anturalism that you don't want to pack anything for your son, including anything to read or play with, then you ought to be completely nude 24/7 and without any other entertainment either. What is the point with denying your son? Hmm, a 13 year old boy, completely nude with nothing to entertain himself with? He's going to start entertaining himself with himself. Maybe that was the intent?

Also, who calls their own son whom she purportedly loves "dumb"?????

Furthermore, if it is your intent to completely deny your son, then why bother asking what you should pack for him. Just give him the minimal amount of clothing tog et on a plane and then, once at the resort, burn his clothes. Simple as that. There's really no question to be asked. Why all this lurid detail about having your son go to sit down restaurants where everyone will be dressed but he will be completely nude. Why this talk about having security guards at stores watch over him and escort him around to make sure he doesn't try to clothe himself (like they are going to do that). You're probably also going to tell us that you wish to have him perform his bodily functions in public as well.

Sorry, but this all seems too unbelievable. The problem with this site is that anyone can post anything and be assured that someone's going to read it. This sounds too much like an attempt to get attention. After all, if the intent is to ask what people think about packing next to nothing for your son on vacation and making him live like a caveman, then it deserves a one line question. All this detail about him being the only one naked in a restaurant, beign escorted around a store by security guards while completely naked, being made to prepare for being naked by denying him shoes at school, etc. is pretty much superfluous and jsut seems like an attempt to tell a lurid story in which the main character is conveniently a 13-year old boy being made to saunter around completely naked while others are dressed.

Posted by gera1 on 2009-02-24 00:52:58

Carol, You are a KOOK for being so obcessed wth how your son dresses. If you are going to a clothing optional city, then it should be optional for him also. All you are going to do is make him hate the thought of nudity--that is how kids are. If you want to teach him something, allow him to be dressed at functions where everyone else is nude--swimming parties, for example. He will get the idea.

Posted by skin's_in on 2009-03-07 05:03:33

I think your son's a very lucky boy to get to spend every summer nude, I'm sure he'll love it. It's good that he's keeping in shape. You also need to make sure he's tan before goes. Remember, never burn. You should send your boy to a tanning salon so he can get an even base tan. If it's possible for him to sunbathe nude in your backyard, then he should definitely do it. You also need to get the boy accustomed to being naked before you leave. You should encourage him to be nude at home, and when it's warm enough he should be shirtless whenever possible. Don't force him, he has to learn to accept nudity as a natural and healthy state. Talk to him about nudism, his concerns and so forth, and get him to accept his body. Once he loses his body-shame he'll find it quite liberating being naked around others, and he'll be free to enjoy the sun and the ocean and the breeze all over his naked body. It's utterly relaxing, just make sure he has plenty of sun screen. I understand why you're giving him an ipod and stuff, but you should make sure he spends most of his time on the beach or hanging around with other naked teenagers. I'm also curious about what your attitude is about his sexuality. You mentioned giving him handcream for him to do whatever, but what if he wants to do more than that? What if meets some french girl and they hit it off? I don't think you'll be able to prevent him from doing anything in this situation, so you should make sure he has some condoms and just let him have fun. What do you think? I can't wait to hear how it went in the fall.

Posted by Puppyboy on 2009-09-01 15:28:19

Im a nudist boy and wondered how your trip went. Was ur son okay with it? Did he have fun ?