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Sexually Active Kids

Lost it

Posted by Molly_Smith on 2004-08-21 08:20:21

Hi I am a 14 year old girl from England. When I was 9 years old I caught my 14 year old cousin shagging his girl friend in the garden shed. To stop me from telling he grabbed me and undressed me and shagged me. It was so nice I have been doing it ever since and I would encourage all girls to have sex from about 9 or 10 as it is so nice.


PS My folks think im still a virgin.

Posted by lillayla on 2005-04-09 08:49:17

Same here, I am 14 and have been having sex since I was 11 or 12. I cant get enough - I love it and have sex with lots of different guys- its so much more exciting i do it with 2 or 3 or more in 1 evening. I ask my mum if I can go on the pill she said why? you dont need it.most of the guys dont use condoms. I hate them.

Posted by dantheman2 on 2006-07-03 04:54:34

hi i am very horny and i wanted you to email me so we can chat my email is www.daniel_cade_martin@hotmail.com and i hope you email me and i hope your tight.

Posted by sarahx17 on 2012-09-14 01:30:53

i started having sex when i was 14

Posted by nakedrhode on 2013-07-12 21:16:01

I first had sex when I was 11.I was skinny dipping with my mate and got caught by his older sister and her mates .To cut a long story short ,a couple of days later his sister blackmailed me into having sex with her it was great never regretted it .I was hooked on it after that and thanks to her and her mates I am a total exhibitionist and a nudist .I live naked and love being naked and being seen naked just ask.nakedrhode@gmail.com.I also share pics and cam on messenger and skype.