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School/PE Uniform, Underwear Checks, and Spankings

PE without PE kit.

Posted by keepsmilingon on 2005-03-01 22:25:24

The sportsmaster at my secondary school was a scottish sadist. It was late in my first year that I forgot my kit. He made me do the gym lesson in my pants. He never forgot it and about a year later when I forgot it again, the git made do athletics in a girl pe skirt and a discusting lost and found T-shirt. Then my "mates" yea right thought it would be funny to hide my kit for the next sports lesson. I had to do gym F'ing naked. The guys never hid my stuff again.

Posted by katrina_xx on 2006-01-27 21:21:02

I have to sometimes do the same thing if I forget my PE kit, ive had to do it nude

Posted by Tyler92 on 2006-05-10 21:06:53


I never seen anyone do P.E in nude!!! that is scarry! I had p.e in underwear 2 times becaus I forgot to bring it but a kid in my school who is named Iaan always forgets his like 20 times and evryone laffs at him but I dont anymore because it was not funny when it happend to me. Tyler

Posted by Petr (CR) on 2006-09-03 16:56:53

I do not believe in "nude rule". But I know school where is still practice, that if anybody forgot the right uniform shoes must be barefoot.

Posted by spunkboy on 2006-10-18 14:15:42

// I went to an all girls school until I left in 1992. If we forgot our pe kit we had to do it nude, including outdoor games. Some people wont believe this but I assure you that it was true//

Rubbish! If anybody had seen you particuarly the public, a complaint would of been raised with the local police and the teacher arrested for outraging public decency, no doubt the school governors would dissapprove of this too and lastly the parents. Being a parent myself, if my child was forced to do this naked, I first of all would have her removed from the school and punched the teacher's lights out and ask questions later! So although I would like to believe you I don't and if it is true, I suggest strongly the pupils go on strike or walk oyt as this sort of thing just does not happen in a supposed civilised society ok?