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School/PE Uniform, Underwear Checks, and Spankings

PE checks

Posted by jenny9393 on 2003-10-10 22:38:41

Our school had no particular rules about the colour of underwear waron, mine was mainly white with a little colour. The only checks we had were occasional and before Games/PE. We were expected to have a clean pair of panties to change into after our showers, for hygiene reasons. Occasionally before the lesson as we sat in our gym kits we would have to return to our pegs and bring back our clean underwear to prove we had it. This happened two or three times a term. I was only caught once. When discovered I had to remove the panties I was wearing and complete the lesson with just my shorts to cover my bottom. During the lesson all four of us who had been rumbled received a good dose of the slipper accross our rears. I'm sure that my bottom was as red as the others later in the showers.


Posted by pip23 on 2010-06-04 20:52:45

My all boys school had no real rules regarding underwear except that we weren't allowed to wear any for p.e. - we only wore shorts - no shirt, footwear or underwear. The shorts were very short and it would probably have shown if any-one wore underwear - not that any-one ever did. There were no checks but the teacher supervised changing and showers so would probably have noticed if a boy had not taken his underwear off.