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What is a Graven Image?

To Wm Tyler!

Posted by PeteS on 2003-10-10 23:03:36

I am sorry that seeing religious statuary in Quebec was so upsetting to you-- and that your minister affrimed it. I am a Catholic although not French Canadian. Catholics use statues as a help to prayer. It is not a necessary part of the Catholic faith -- no Catholic has to use statues in religious practice-- it is no rule of fatiht. It is however, a very true source of spiritual help to most Catholics regardless of nationality. If you look at the religious art of some of the greastest artists in the world- they do honor the saints and most especially the Blessed Virgin Mary. these are not graven images buts helps for many in countless generations, to pray-- and in the case of images to the Blessed Virgin Mary-- a help to love Mary as Jesus loved His mother.Catholics worship only Gos we honor and love the saints and most especailly Mary in imagery.

Posted by chucksmom on 2004-11-09 17:28:23

This was very nice-I too think if people want to use the images of saints/mary as a help to prayer it's always a good thing. I think this poll was a bit too harsh one the "graven image" thing. It seems to want to prove that the Orthodox (Greek & Russian) and Catholic images are "wrong" and that you're only supposed to have pictures of your family and Jesus in your house.