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What is a Graven Image?

What Graven IMages really were! ! And ARE.

Posted by B R E A K I N G N E W S on 2006-05-31 18:09:10

For centuries, indeed millenia, mankind has wrongly guessed as to what graven images were biblically and what consequences, if any, will result in the reconstruction of one. First, graven images are forbidden in the Ten Commandments. In Genesis 31:19, Rachel the wife of Jacob or Israel, father of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, steals and hides her father's image(Laban the Assyrian), and conceals from her husband, Jacob, the fact that she stool them. Upon Laban's return from sheering his sheep, he discovers all his family, their children, possessions and cattle all are gone! And they've gotten 3 to 5 days head start.
The significance of why Rachel steals her father's image and what it is has been lost since the time of Genesis 35, when Jacob collects all these, as he refers to them, "...strange gods" and buries them under an oak tree. What were they? Why so much inaccurate conjecture as to what they were? (To see, 'google' it.) The answer is that for the exception of the past 166-years, since the translation from Hebrew into English of the Book of JASHER in 1840AD, Jasher, which is referenced twice in the Old Testament, where it expands upon the incident from Genesis 31, describes a graven image exactly. The scholars who translated it, which book wouldn't be published into English for another 47-years, until 1887AD, declare their correct translation and so testify, following the title page of the book, which is now 'out of print' in America, though I do maintain a copy for research. Jasher says a graven image, such as Rachel stole, was an oracle of divination that required the slaying of a first born male, the head would then be shaved, oiled; a gold or copper plate, with the name written upon it, was placed under the tongue. The device would then be taken into an alter room, bowed down to it (murder and occult involved) at which time these extraordinarily-bizarre devices would then "...answer any question asked of it." It says in Jasher that Rachel steals her father's image so that he can not go to it and find out where they went! Jasher says Laban had others, which he did go to and found out anyway, where they had gone. (To Canaan (Israel) from Assyria, (Iraq) to be near Jacob's father Isaac.) Over the many hundreds of years, the true knowledge of these oracle devices of strange divinating powers were lost. And for good reason. The Ten Commandments promise extreme retribution for delving into such matters by man on earth. As it turns out, the second commandment, directed towards the creation of graven images, is the ONLY one of the Ten Commandments modern day man has managed not to break over the past, 4,000-years!

Is that about to change?

This author and researcher believes that it is! Through modern day, embryo stem cell research, (for a start, anyway) which we already know provides the ability to take 'super cells' and with the right permeantations, can produce or farm organs in the labs, for human transplant.

The next big thing to develop through this process, is the construction/growing of a human brain, outside the body, for use as a graven image or oracle of divination which will link our ancient past with modern day discovery with, according to scripture prophecy, "end-times, cataclysmic events" to be thrust upon planet earth -- the missing pieces to the "Concentration-like" game board, that reveals the complete end times prophecy and earth-devastating, roll out and return of the Messiah.

Some people publish real, though extraordinary stories in grocery store tabloids because so called, respectable publications wouldn't.

Well, in this case I am providing to the world, free of charge, a life's worth of research, that can be squarely documented and verified, and am doing so on this just discovered "misterpoll", and free of charge! (No one, as I've learned, will believe it anyway, even though I believe clearly, through all the research I've gathered since 1978, 1990-2006 is absolutely true. That we are on a collision course with our modern day efforts falling prey to this unknown commandment, almost by accident, and there is not anything that can be done to stop it. If this was just for Hollywood, it would be a GREAT picture, but unfortunately, it is true.

For contact, 'google' rfhawthorne and graven image -- for further discussion and information pertaining to this end times, b r e a k i n g n e w s! Thank-you.