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What is a Graven Image?

graven images

Posted by 1searchscripture on 2005-09-16 13:41:27

It seems significant to me that the second commandment is the one that is missing from the decalogue displays that are scatterd all over our nation in courthouses. The people who are responsible for those displays used the Catholic version of the commands which omits the one on images and then splits up the 10th one on coveting so they still have a total number of 10. Today we live in a world full of images and this has greatly contributed to our moral depravity. Currently we probably have some of the most self-conscious, selfish people there has ever been.
Do you know anyone who would feel comfortable having a statue of themselves in their living room? Probably not, but most people have hundreds of two dimensional statues of themselves and if their house caught on fire one of the first things that they would try to save would be their pictures.
This is a deep subject that I have spent a lot of time thinking about but I am still just scratching the surface.