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What is a Graven Image?

idols and images

Posted by Wm tyler on 2003-09-26 19:40:06

Yrs ago we took a trip through French Canada. It was beautiful and we likedthe French canadian people. We were taken back by their worship of all manner of Catholic statuary. their churches were filled with them. They were at roadsides-- and smaller statues in peoples yards. I have seen this terrible practice among Roman Catholics in the USA but Catholics were so much more numerous in French Canada it was even more idolatrous. I wonder if such people believe they are Christians? We told our minister what we had seen and he told us the Roman Catholic was only a cult, not a religion and sadly misguided and condemning innocent people to a life without a hope of eternal life. Their idols especially to Mary can not help them come to heaven.

Posted by A&Wrootbeer on 2004-11-10 21:58:01

Isn't it rather extreme to judge a whole people by viewing a small percentage of them? First though, let me say I have read about some Catholics (and few Orthodox too) who seem to worship the icons and statuary. Much of the time, superstitions grow surrounding these objects as a result of inadequate education. In Mexico, for example, the Catholic population can be very superstitious regarding statues and the sign of the Cross. The same for some Greek or Russian Orthodox. If you look at the teachings of the churches (Catholic or Orthodox) however, you will find that these statues and icons are intended to bring us closer to God. From an Orthodox perspective, the icons of the saints on the walls are to remind us that the saints and angels are worshiping with us in heaven. Any honor we show to icons of saints (and we ONLY honor the saints, not worship) is intended for the saints, not for the wood and paint. As for icons of Christ, the only difference is that we worship the One represented as God (again, not the wood and paint). As to the French Catholic being condemned, how is that not judging others as Christ forbade? As I understand it, we are free to judge the morality of an action, but not to decide we know who will be saved and who not. Christ's mercy is endless, and He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. May His mercy be upon us.