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More questions on nude gym class (girls)

PE in undies @ cousin's school

Posted by Ballplayer31 on 2004-03-25 06:17:26

My is 13 and goes to a private, coed, middle school. She has told me that her PE class takes place in the girls' gym, and is done in their undies, either bra and panties or sports-bra and panties. She has told me that boys do PE in underwear as well, either briefs or boxer shorts and an undershirt. The boys and girls do not see each other during PE.

Posted by somebodyelse on 2016-02-05 11:03:03

A friend of mine went to a boys school where they did PE in underwear, tight white jockeys. When I visited I had to wear the same thing for gym class. It felt strange at first but I quickly got used to it.

Posted by EmsiCariad on 2019-01-18 02:44:46

In the UK equivalent of middle school, our PE lessons were co-ed and there was no official PE kit. Throughout primary school and into transition we had done PE in our underwear - boys in briefs/underpants and girls in just their knickers/panties. As we grew up some girls started wearing vests or sports bras but most carried on topless until high school. It doesn't happen any more, but it was great for respecting each others' bodies and girls hardly ever had body-confidence issues. Good innocent times <3

Posted by SionGwynedd on 2019-01-20 07:11:05

I agree with EmsiCariad - up to the end of year 6 in my primary, which was small, rural, and with hardly any facilities, boys and girls changed together in our classroom and we did PE in our underwear, underpants for the boys and just knickers for the girls. By the end of year 6, I must admit us boys used to look forward to PE, mainly to watch the girls taking their dresses off in the classroom lol! Since it was school policy for us to exercise in just our underpants or knickers, the few girls who were developed took their bras off without thinking twice and we got to see their boobs while they exercised with us lol!

Posted by somebodyelse on 2019-08-14 02:48:39

Did any of these PE-in-underwear classes involve showers? If so, did the students wear anything or shower naked? Was it single sex or together?